Posted on October 16, 2015 by Ben Crystal
If you’re anything like me, then the members of the Democratic Party hate you. And I don’t mean they disagree with your politics. I don’t even mean they disagree vehemently with your politics. I mean the Democratic Party despises you with the white-hot intensity of a thousand suns. And lest you think there might be common ground upon which both you and the Democratic Party can stand, consider the bile that flowed out of their leading presidential candidates’ blowholes during Tuesday evening’s debate on CNN.
Hillary Clinton, who has made a career out of being married to an alleged rapist, certainly didn’t hide her disdain for anyone outside her box. When game-show-host-turned-talking-hairstyle Anderson Cooper asked her: “Which enemy that you made during your political career are you most proud of?” Madame Clinton responded: “(T)he NRA, the health insurance companies, the drug companies, the Iranians; probably the Republicans.”
I suppose we should be flattered that somewhere in the neighborhood of half the country made the list alongside the next islamofascist terrorists to ride the Obama train to Nuketown. The old white woman wants to be president of all of us but viscerally hates half of us. Moreover, she’s proud of that attitude.
Joining Nana Clinton on the stage was self-titled “democratic socialist” Sen. Bernie Sanders. His popularity probably says more about Clinton’s lack thereof than it does about Sanders’ own palatability.
Let’s face it: Bernie Sanders looks like he should be sitting on a park bench, feeding pigeons stale bread crumbs and muttering about “these kids today, with their rock ‘n’ roll and their crazy clothes.” And for anyone out there who somehow managed to avoid knowing anything about Sanders before Tuesday, the old boy plans to use the presidency to resurrect the governing principles of fun guys like Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin.
During his opportunities to rant at the camera, Sanders not only proudly declared himself a devotee of the bearded Bolsheviks, he promised to annex huge swaths of the nation’s economy like Russia gobbling up the Ukraine. Free college, free healthcare, free stuff aplenty awaits us in Bernie’s America. Sanders failed to mention that government-run means government-owned. And that requires government money by the truckloads. Since the government doesn’t actually have any money, Bernie plans to use yours.
As Barack Obama’s IRS scandal served to remind us, if the government wants your money, it takes it. If you don’t offer it willingly, then it takes it by force. Bernie, who loudly claims no affinity for the capitalist system that has employed him for the past 35 years, will literally need trillions of our dollars to paint America a nice shade of Russian red.
Both Clinton and Sanders agreed to no small fanfare that they’re “sick and tired of” Clinton’s “damned emails.” According to polling, at least half of Americans believe Clinton’s worsening breaches of national security are a legitimate campaign issue; and as many as 70 percent believe an independent special prosecutor is already overdue. Clinton’s and Sanders’ fatigue over her scandals is miniscule — and wildly different — compared to ours.
Of the other three placeholders propped up behind lecterns next to the senior citizen front-runners, former Sen. Jim Webb was the only one who made any impact. Webb, who spent most of the evening looking as out of place as a cat in a rat’s nest, accidentally maneuvered the seriously left-leaning audience into reminding the rest of us how interested they are in our fates.
When the show moved to the blame-guns-for-crime segment, which has apparently become standard for any gathering of two or more “progressives,” Webb protested meekly: “(W)e have to respect the people in this country who want to defend themselves and their family from violence.” When he dared to suggest that all lives matter, as opposed to just the darker-hued ones, the audience acted like he’d set fire to the stage. The poor guy’s own party hates him because he reminds them of everyone else.
Of course, the left’s telling the rest of us that they rank us somewhere between “cancer” and “Ebola” isn’t exactly a new development. Obama, easily the most divisive president in at least a century, runs his entire regime based on the guiding principles of division and hate. “You didn’t build that, someone built that for you.” So quit acting like you earned your way, you “bitter clinger.”
Jon Gruber, one of the chief architects of Obama’s signature “accomplishment,” says American voters are “too stupid to understand.” Take that, you racist! It’s only a side effect of your own dim-witted conservatism that you don’t see how defrauding the nation of trillions of dollars will make you healthier and wiser.
However, while the Democrats are jockeying to prove who hates the most voters the most, not one of them is currently projected to do more next November than deliver a concession speech. Despite the noisiest efforts of Sanders’ supporters, the only slightly younger Clinton is still handily winning the walker wars by 15- to 20-point margins. And at her best, Nana Hilldawg loses to at least four of the current GOP contenders.
It’s a good thing conservatives don’t hate liberals as much as liberals hate pretty much everyone else. Beginning in January 2017, the Democrats will learn just how lucky they are.
–Ben Crystal