Editors note: The Republican Party needs to accept the person the people want to represent them and stop going after Trump, and Carson. If Trump was not in the race Cruz would be the demon. We loose elections by putting up people the base does not want. The base stays home and we loose the election. The base is conservative but sick of being lied to by Candidates who say one thing to get elected then do the opposite. Trump can’t be bribed and needs no help to fund his campaign. The un- asked for money he is getting is from the base that supports him. The Average $50 donation is to show support. Carson is getting the same type of donations and Cruz is getting both. If Bush wins we will loose in 2016.
RNC’s Priebus: Republican Party ‘Cooked’ If We Lose 2016
Image: RNC’s Priebus: Republican Party ‘Cooked’ If We Lose 2016 (Photo by T.J. Kirkpatrick/Getty Images)
Image: RNC's Priebus: Republican Party 'Cooked' If We Lose 2016
By Bill Hoffmann | Friday, 16 Oct 2015 12:18 PM
The Republican Party is “cooked” if it fails to take back the White House in 2016, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus says.
In an interview with the Washington Examiner, Priebus said a Republican president is essential following two terms of a Democrat in control.
“We’re cooked as a party for quite a while if we don’t win in 2016,” he told the Examiner.
But Priebus adds he doesn’t anticipate a disastrous election for the GOP because “history is on our side.”
“Our job as a national party is to elect Republicans, and it generally means House, Senate, presidential,” Priebus told the Examiner.
“However, I think that we have become, unfortunately, a midterm party that doesn’t lose and a presidential party that’s had a really hard time winning.
“We’re seeing more and more that if you don’t hold the White House, it’s very difficult to govern in this country — especially in Washington D.C.”
In a Washington Post piece published Thursday and titled “The GOP was Right to Fear Clinton,” columnist Eugene Robinson said Republicans lack a “compelling” message on many issues:
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“How can government help the middle class? With a higher minimum wage? With a mandate for businesses to offer paid family leave? With assistance in paying for higher education, perhaps even free tuition at public universities? With trade and tax policies that encourage keeping jobs in the United States?” Robinson writes.
“The Democratic candidates understand that these are the issues people care most about. [Donald] Trump gets it, too, in his own bombastic way. A party that goes into the election without a compelling message on jobs and incomes — I’m talking to you, GOP establishment — is begging to lose.”
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