MP900398879Republican candidate for the 49th Senate seat
Michelle Smith, 46 years old
Married for over 25 years with four children, Christopher 25, Matthew 24, Emma 20 and Brian age 19
Plainfield District 202 Board of Education President, BOE member since 2009
Master Board Member
Policy, Personnel and Administration Committee Chair
Foundation for Excellence Trustee
Member of the Plainfield Junior Women’s Club
Supporter of Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Plainfield Rotary, Plainfield Lions Club, Relay for Life, St. Mary’s Immaculate, YMCA and both Wheatland and Plainfield Republicans
Small business owner since 1990
Vice President Board of Education
Applied Learning BOE Committee Chair
PTO board member at Plainfield Central HS, Plainfield North HS, Heritage Grove and Ira Jones Middle School and Walkers Grove Elementary
CAPE President (Coordination of Administration and Parents Groups for Educational Efficiency)
Coordinated Curriculum Council
Local and state soccer coach
As a small business owner for over twenty years I have personally experienced the same struggles that many of our community members have had due to the change in our economy. High business taxes, out of control business and medical insurance costs and the loss of job security make it very difficult to be a successful business owner here in Illinois. Personally as a homeowner I have seen the value of our home decline and have had friends lose their homes due to job loss. As a board of education member I deal with the State of Illinois and their financial issues every day. State funding for schools in Illinois is one of the worst in the country. We struggle every year to come up with a balanced budget, while maintaining services for children and keeping staff employed. I am very proud of the work I have done during my seven years on the board. We went from having an 18 million dollar deficit to having a balanced budget by cutting over 45 million in five years. Even though some of our decisions were sometimes gut-wrenching and unpopular, we did what was needed to move in the right direction. As one of the largest employers in Will County I have experience with regard to pensions, negations, unions and employee law.
I believe that I am a respected person in our community and people know they can count on me. I am hardworking, honest and have been dedicated to our communities for over 20 years. I will make common sense decisions in Springfield that benefit our community, not just for myself. Springfield needs new people who are willing to do the right thing and stand up against Mike Madigan and the Democrats. I know on my own I cannot win the battle, but I am confident that I can make a difference.