March 3, 2016  Editorial
The Presidential Election is turning into the Established Republicans  against the leading candidate. On the Democrat side we have a Socialist and a person that should be indited for her Email Abuse,  criticized for her lies, decisions on Benghazi, and is a closet socialist.
It makes me very aggravated when Trump is attacked for silly things, lies, or notions of the him not conforming to the establishment concerns of keeping the gravy train going with the Democrats. The real Con-Artists are the Republican establishment and Hilary for saying anything true or false to win their argument. The Establishment Republican would prefer Clinton to Trump. Mind you they hate Cruz and would be going after him if he was in the lead. Repeating bad decisions is illogical.
Bill of Rights
The Voters look at both parties and want a drastic change. Calling the voting public’s decision to support outsiders bad and attacking the so called outsider candidates is calling the voters out, as to stupid to not pick the candidate that will repeat the bad decisions that got us in the wreck we are now in.
Bernie is a socialist but an outsider not going to advance the same defeating games we now are getting from the Washington Elite. It is hard to imagine voting for a socialist but when you really get honest Hilary is a socialist who won’t admit it and she is part of the Washington elite. Trump and Cruz are Capitalist. The rest of the group  are just part of the Washington elite who will give us more of the same negative behavior that is destroying our Country.
To make America Great again we need to eliminate the Washington Establishment that gave us Obamacare, 21 trillion debt, more regulations than any other time in history, decreased property values, decreased disposable income, job insecurity, political correctness being enforced as law, Government agencies making bad laws the impacts all of us, the 2016 Paul Ryan Omnibus bill,  Illegal Immigration, government handouts that are out of control and given to non-citizens, refusal to recognize that some Muslim refugees are dangerous, Refusal to stop bringing in refugee’s while Middle Eastern Nations close their doors, desire to give us the same refugee problem as Germany and Netherlands, and on and on and on.
In the end we need a Capitalist like Cruz and Trump, and if you prefer a socialist, Bernie Sanders. They would at least try to stop the Washington Cartel.  Trump and Cruz would make us prosperous while Sanders would make us like Europe with huge economic problems to pay for the free programs he will support.
I want to hear more of how the Candidates stand on various issues. We the voter really need information instead of platitudes coming from the Candidates own mouth, as opposed to only whats on their website. The Establishment attack on Trump make me like him more because like Cruz he proves he will stand up for what is right. The Republican Party should let the primary process alone. If trump walks out the establishment will find a formidable third party candidate that will have a good chance of winning, and make sure Hilary wins the presidency. Maybe that’s what they want.
The Tea Party came to power because of the same things that are happening now. Trump and Cruz are the result, Candidates, getting support from everyday working Americans including  Democrats that still believe in Capitalism.