June 15, 2016
Contact: Mary Kate Knorr
Tonia Khouri (IL-11) hosted kick-off ‘Talk with Tonia’ event at Cemeno’s Pizza in Joliet.
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AURORA – Tonia Khouri, candidate for Illinois’ 11th congressional district, received outstanding feedback from constituents and attendees following her ‘Talk with Tonia’ event, hosted at Cemeno’s Pizza in Joliet. The public event, held yesterday evening, was the first of a summer series that will give district residents the opportunity to voice their concerns about local and federal issues.
“I came all the way from Naperville to meet Tonia. I was very impressed and I am now a supporter,” said Tony Marchese, a district resident. “We need more leaders like her representing us in Washington.”
“I was glad to hear Tonia’s support for our military and our national security during these tumultuous times,” said Geriann Wiesbrook, event attendee and founder of the Military Momma Network. “Her vision for our nation is one I could see myself supporting.”
“I want to empower the people in our district. Listening to their concerns firsthand and hearing their stories is just the first step,” said Khouri. “This tour gives me the chance to get to hear from residents throughout the district. I was happy to see such an excellent turnout last night and I look forward to more forums in the near future.”
Khouri heard from well over thirty attendees who shared their concerns about our stagnant economy, bleak jobs outlook, and alarming rate of growth in federal spending.
Upcoming tour events will be posted on the Khouri for Congress website and Facebook page as they are scheduled. Events are open to the public and free to attend.