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July 5, 2016
Homer 33C establishes concussion guidelines
If a child suffers a concussion at school or home, Homer School District 33C teachers and staff are ready to assist.
The district has created a policy and procedure manual outlining what to do if a child suffers a concussion. It includes:

  • Key terms associated with concussion and its management
  • Procedures for reporting a concussion and follow-up guidelines
  • Forms and information that can be duplicated and distributed to concerned parties
  • General features of good concussion management

“This document reflects Illinois state law requirements for schools to implement Return to Learn and Return to Play guidelines that are designed to support the student with a concussion and maximize full recovery and quality of life,” Kathleen Robinson, assistant superintendent for instruction, reported at the June 28 Board of Education meeting.
The document was developed by the district’s Concussion Oversight Team, comprised of Robinson, Athletic Director Amanda Monahan, Certified School Nurse Melissa Geibel and School Psychologist Gwent Grant.
The team was guided by research from Lurie Children’s Hospital and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which found 80 percent of children are ready to return to play one to four weeks after suffering a concussion.
Based on those findings, the team came up with a table and flowchart to help teachers, coaches and parents determine when it’s OK for students with concussions to return to their academic studies (Return to Learn) and athletic programs (Return to Play).
The Return to Learn table outlines six stages of recovery (such as no school/limited cognitive ability and gradual reintroduction of daily activities) and lists corresponding activities or restrictions that students should follow.
Before advancing from one stage to the next, students must be able to tolerate activities (free of headaches, nausea, dizziness and other symptoms associated with concussions) for 12 to 24 hours.
Only after students can tolerate all pre-injury academic activities and schedules will they be allowed to consider returning to athletic activities. The student’s physician will be responsible for monitoring the Return to Play Protocol and return to physical education activities.
To help guide the process, students, parents, teachers and coaches may follow the district’s Return to Play flowchart, which outlines steps each individual should take and the documentation needed from the family physician.
“Successful recovery from a concussion requires that the student is surrounded by family and professionals who communicate frequently, are knowledgeable about what to do in the early days, are calm and supportive, and assist the student in managing exertion and rest balance,” the team concluded in its report.
The Homer 33C Concussion Guidelines will be shared and discussed with coaches, teachers and staff during upcoming training sessions and posted on the district website, said Robinson.
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