Recorder of Deeds Stukel Squanders Taxpayer Money
Unless you’re in the real estate industry, maybe you don’t think that much about the Recorder of Deeds, but maybe you should. Because Karen Stukel, the current Will County Recorder of Deeds, has a penchant for unethical and expensive no-bid contracts for software.
Typically a bidding process is used for any purchase over a certain dollar amount in units of government and also in private sector companies. The bidding process allows a company or unit of government to test the market and encourages competitive pricing. It also prevents decision-makers from getting too cozy with vendors.
But no-bid contracts are business-as-usual in the Recorder of Deeds office. Since Stukel was first elected Recorder of Deeds in 2008, she has executed two no-bid contracts for software systems and service, one in 2010 and another in 2014.
Did the software designed especially for the Recorder’s office back in 2008 really need to be replaced? No, the employees didn’t think so, nor did the users.
Stukel’s way of running the office of Recorder of Deeds is unscrupulous and unsustainable, and she has been doing it for almost 8 years. Now she wants a third term as Recorder. Good government is not run this way. This is just one reason we should fire Karen Stukel in November.
Contact: Kristin Cross for Recorder of Deeds Campaign