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Phone Calling to
Confirm Judge Neil Gorsuch

Lunch Provided by Americans for Prosperity
March 25th from 11:00 am – 1:00 pm
Ember’s Tap House
933 S. State St. Lockport, IL 60441
Why Call, Judge Gorsuch:

He’s qualified and experienced. Judge  is a graduate of Harvard law, and was unanimously confirmed by the Senate in 2006 to serve on the Tenth Circuit.
He respects the rule of law, and doesn’t legislate from the bench. Like the late Justice Scalia, Judge believes that judges should follow law text exactly as it’s written – not use it to try to advance a political agenda.
He fights to protect the Constitution. He supports the framers’ vision that this document empowers the American people with fundamental, inalienable rights – which the government can’t infringe upon.
He’s been outspoken about how over-regulation hurts the least fortunate among us. He’s said repeatedly that too many laws can hamper individual freedom and equality by creating unnecessary barriers to opportunity.
The Senate should confirm Gorsuch in a clean, expedited process – please help confirm Gorsuch as quickly as possible.
Come help make a difference.
Any questions call 815-407-7024