Liberals apologize to Islam


Wave after wave of Islamic terror continues to crash upon the shores of Western democracies to such a point where it is difficult to go a week without an attack. Last week it was France again, the country has become a proving ground that the migration of Muslims is a conduit to mayhem. Last Friday police officer Xavier Jugelé died at the hands of an ISIS gunman who shot the 37-year-old in the head during the attack and then wounded two other cops in the middle of Paris.
Jugelé was no stranger to Islamic terror. He had spent time working in Greece to improve the vetting of migrants entering Europe. He was one of the first responders to the Bataclan attack in 2015 which left 130 dead and 84 dead in a truck attack last June in Nice.
This has not fazed American liberals. Over the years, former President Barack Obama denied the connection between Islam and terrorism. In 2008 he said, “The sweetest sound I know is the Muslim call to prayer.” Last July during her campaign Hillary Clinton tweeted: “Muslims are peaceful and tolerant people and have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism.”
The liberals tell us that the Quran is no different than the Old Testament, which tells of a time when God’s wrath spilled forth. Thankfully, Christians and Jews don’t take literal instructions from the Old Testament. Still many liberals claim Islam is no different than other religions. They say attributing terrorism to Islam is nothing more than racism aimed at Muslims.

Defending the Devil

There were few apologists for Islam in the immediate aftermath of 9/11. Republicans and Democrats wanted revenge. In October 2002 Clinton even voted for President George W. Bush’s Iraq war. Much has changed.
Since Obama took office liberals have readily denied that Islam is the key component of terrorist killing. Today a great many liberals defend Islam. Some even believe that kowtowing to Islam is placating the Muslim masses by arguing that they are simply a misunderstood minority. But it is an evil that is readily apparent.
Liberals want to swing open the gates and allow Islam’s Trojan Horse entry. The evil they say is not in Islam but in President Donald Trump, a man they consider a racist and an Islamophobe. They ignored a Pew poll from a few years ago that said that 8 percent of U.S. Muslims think that suicide bombing and violence against civilians is “often” or “sometimes justified.” That equals about 200,000 Muslims in America who think killing Christians and Jews is jim-dandy.

Appeasing the terrorists

The liberals are moving away from the ridiculous pretense that Islam is all about peace and only a few bad apples give this great religion a bad name. I’ve always wondered why these apples come out of the Muslim barrel and not one out of the Mormon or Seventh-day Adventist keg.
The liberals give no thought to such arguments and instead are focusing on their new one – that in some cases our prejudices against Muslims have caused something quite understandable — violence. If only we treated Muslims better. But the liberals are working on that. Arab News ran a story that has been picked up in the U.K. The headline: “Is Britain a soft touch for Islamist extremists?
Last month Indian publication Swarajya Magazine, which has a large following in the U.K., ran this headline: “London Terror: To Win the War, The West Needs to Empower Reformist Muslims.” The first sentence says it all, that it is the West’s responsibility to convince Muslims that they are victims rather than perpetrators.
I don’t think this is going to sell to the family of the latest French cop to be murdered by ISIS.
The article goes on to say that Europe has become a focal point for radical Islam because, ”Islamists believe they lost their rising global clout when Charles Martel defeated the armies of the Caliphate in the Battle of Tours in 732 AD.”
Seriously, the radicals are killing Jews and Christians because they lost an obscure battle 1,300 years ago? They must not be the dumb mutts that ISIS shows on television.

A storyline only Hollywood could come up with

With the exception of sports, I don’t watch much TV. I don’t say this as a phony quasi-intellectual. I say it because I can hardly find anything worth watching on TV. I have tried. For example, I tried to get into the hit TV show “Lost” which is exactly where I found myself after two episodes.
Half a dozen years ago I watched the first couple of episodes of Homeland. The show was about a woman CIA agent keeping tabs on a U.S. Marine Corps sniper who was held captive by al-Qaeda but was released. The focus of the show was whether or not the former POW had been turned by the enemy and was a ticking time-bomb.
The series became a big hit for five years. Hollywood saw there was a cancer in the program that was poisoning the minds of viewers. Since the heroine was a counterterrorist agent, her focus was on terrorists. The writers and producers didn’t like what was happening, that Muslim actors were given the roles of bad guys to such an extent that Islam was being associated with terrorism. I suppose they could have used Irish actors to play the terrorists, but the thinkers behind the show decided to go the other way. Last week, Mandy Patinkin — who plays a CIA counterterrorist veteran — said that the show had made “white men in government and the military establishment” the bad guys.
In an interview, Patinkin admitted that he regretted the negative portrayals of Muslims in Homeland. He even took responsibility for American resistance to Muslim immigration. Then Patinkin demonstrated he not only has a hugely inflated opinion of what influence he has as an actor, but demonstrated he is another Hollywood nut:

The facts are that the Muslim community is a gift, they are the fabric of what makes America great. [Refugees] are the safest citizens we have. Refugees in the United States of America are the safest possible citizens you can say hello to or invite them into your community, and I encourage everyone to please invite them into their community.

No word on how many Muslims Manny has staying at his place. But I am sure his kind words warmed the hearts of cold-blooded Islamists.
So give me the policies of Donald Trump, give me more mothers of all bombs and please restrict immigration. Canada is brimming over with Muslims. My first-hand experiences with more than a few have not been good. Perhaps it is because I find that they treat whites — or worse yet, Muslims who have left the faith like my daughter-in-law’s family — with scornful disdain.
Perhaps it is my ignorance that gets in the way of understanding. There is a place in New York I could write for my edification. It is called the Islamic Thinkers Society, which is a great oxymoron. The group’s goal is to restore the Islamic Caliphate and create what it calls “an ideal Islamic society.”
Good luck with that. Thousands of Muslims seem to be happiest when killing other Muslims. To me the crying shame is they are not very efficient at it.
The truth is that the situation with Islam is bad and getting worse. It is one more liberal enterprise that weakens the nation. At least Donald Trump understands we are at war with parts of Islam. Let’s hope he can effectively deal with this war and not be handcuffed by the Democrats on Capitol Hill because if he is unsuccessful the United States will not be recognizable in another generation.
Yours in good times and bad,
— John Myers