Today, Illinois Democrats made clear that their partisan agenda is more important than the future of our state.
Despite being given the opportunity to set our state on the right path, Democrats in the Illinois House and Senate refused to pass a balanced budget with real lasting property tax relief.
A 32% tax increase without real reform is not the answer. Illinois already has the highest property taxes in America. We have the 5th highest tax burden in the country.
I am writing to you tonight to make something explicitly clear to our supporters and our opponents: Team Rauner will never give up on this fight for reform.
Challenge the Democrats directly by committing to reform instead: sign our reform petition here.
Democrats sent a strong message to Illinois families this evening: they are willing to push our state further into debt and destruction just to continue the corrupt, self-serving agendas of Speaker Madigan and the Chicago Machine.
Illinois deserves so much better. If you agree, pledge your commitment here.
Choosing reform over the status quo is not easy, but with your help – we will bring back Illinois.
Your support is more important now than ever before.
Bruce Rauner