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For Immediate Release:
June 13, 2017
Summer school now underway in Homer 33C
School is back in session for nearly 200 Homer School District 33C
summer 2017 026.JPG
Students arrived early Monday (June 12) to begin their summer learning
“Good morning; good to see you,” Extended School Year Principal Carmel
Hoak told youngsters as they arrived at the district’s Early Childhood Center
at Young School. “We’ve got a lot of fun activities planned for you.”
Across the street at Schilling School, Summer Bridge Program Principals Jen
Theissing (grades K-2) and Jon Grill (grades 3-4) welcomed students as they
arrived for their two-week math program. In the afternoon, Support Programs
Coordinator Christine Graefen welcomed another group of summer learners.
“We’re here to have some fun (with math) and keep it fresh in our minds,”
teacher Leighann Cannon told students as they started their day with a
challenge: Creating a free-standing structure from 20 spaghetti noodles
using one yard of tape and one yard of string.
To top it off, the structure had to be strong enough to support a
marshmallow on top.
 summer school 010.JPG
“Summer school is designed to strengthen our students’ academic and
social skills to ensure maximum success for the upcoming school year,” said
Kathleen Robinson, assistant superintendent for instruction. “Our summer
programs offer engaging reading, math and writing instruction that blends
small group lessons with individualized learning.”
Teaching summer school this year are: Elizabeth Creek, Bonnie Mautz,
Kaleen DeFilippis-Holba, Leighann Cannon, Eileen Schulz, Meghan VanAlst,
Laura Gray, Lisa Davis, Dorota Stasik, Katherine
Sisto, Kristen Bard, Brian
Barnes, Jamie Cabral, Nicole Fazio, Susie Fink, Jen Hesek, Kathy McGowan,
Karen Musial and Jennifer Woods.
Summer paraprofessionals include: Julie Andrulis, Deborah Burke, Laura
Georgiou, Krista Giertuga, Cheryl Hansen, Susan Hiller, Mary Lynn Hoffman,
Angela Holland, Stella Kapusta, Janine Kozubowski, Terese Leonard, Veronica
Lozano, Scott Masen, Teresa McElroy, Julie Muellerschoen, Wendy
Muellerschoen, Grace Osinski, Catherine Piasecki, Bonnie Plebanek, Sharon
Rachan, Tina Robinson, Victoria Smietanski, Vivienne Stapleton, Jessica
Suerth, Teresa Sulich and Marsha Thompson.
summer 2017 096.JPG
Additional summer services are provided by occupational therapist Brian
Baud, physical therapist Julie Conrad, nurse Colleen Engel, social worker Lisa
Haglund and speech-language pathologists Mary Krane and Angela Levin.
The Summer Bridge programs will continue through June 23 while the
Extended School Year program will conclude June 30.
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