Comey is no hero… and that’s a good reason for a big investigation


As the Trump administration continues to deal with controversy over whether it has improper ties to Russia, some Americans are mistakenly lionizing former FBI Director James Comey.
As The Intercept reminds us:

While Comey is now positioned for history to remember him as the cop who took down Trump, or tried to at great professional expense, there should be wariness about lionizing Comey in the way the news media have in recent days. Under Comey, the FBI pushed investigative and surveillance powers to new and controversial limits and employed tactics that were morally and ethically bankrupt.
In short, Comey’s FBI did some terrible things.

Comey, a huge fan of government overreach, supported the FBI as it carried out some of its biggest assaults on liberty.
We know because we covered them.

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With even Trump critics reminding us that Comey is no hero, it’s a good time for a real investigation– not just into Trump’s alleged improper ties to Russia, but into the whole of government malfeasance.