ISRA Thursday Bulletin – July 6, 2017


Executive Director’s Message
The Republic is now 241 years old but the U.S. Conference of Mayors still hasn’t got the word about why the Revolutionary War was fought.  Most of the “big city” mayors are no more than wanna-be-despots who view the United States Constitution as an impediment to their grand plans.  In June, the Mayors spent four days in Miami Beach, on the public dime, plotting against national reciprocity for concealed carry permit holders.
Since the modern push for concealed carry began in Florida in 1987, the number of states with concealed carry has grown to 42 from the original 10 states prior to that time.  In the intervening years since 1987, the crime rates have declined with every new state that passed right to carry legislation.   The general crime rate is down 40% and murder is down 41%.
Still, the facts-don’t-matter.  Mayors, led by Chicago’s Rahm Emanuel and New York’s Bill de Blasio, pushed through a resolution opposing national reciprocity.  Only two mayors voted against the measure, one of which was Mayor Kyle Moore of Quincy Illinois.  Thanks, Mayor.
I’m sure someone will remind me that the Revolutionary War was fought for several reasons, taxes being one of them.  “No taxes without representation” was the cry in the Revolutionary War.  Since then we have learned that taxes with representation isn’t such a great idea either.  Mayors and their pet programs are a primary cause of burdensome taxes, particularly in larger communities.
The Czech Republic has decided to stand up to the European Union’s restrictive gun laws. The lower house of the Czech Republic has passed an amendment to the Czech Constitution protecting a Czech citizen’s right to possess firearms and ammunition.  The stated purpose is to enhance the Czech Republic’s ability to protect its self against terrorism and improve national security.  It’s good see someone in Europe gets it.
I was fortunate enough to have watched the Peoria fireworks display from a friend’s boat on the Illinois River.  Peoria’s fireworks display is the largest in the state and I believe it.  A couple of local radio stations work with the pyrotechnics people and broadcast patriotic music choreographed with the display.  There were hundreds of boats on the river and as many as 100,000 people along the banks of the Illinois River.  There was activity everywhere but when the call came for the National Anthem, the crowd fell silent.  In the dimming light, I could see people on the boats and on the shore standing at attention.  I heard no voices.  That is the way it is in the heartland of America.
Look for the legislature to override the Governor’s veto of the budget deal.  This means that SB1657, while still alive, won’t be called soon.  While passing the budget solves a short-term problem, it does not address school funding, 15 billion in bills currently due, and 251 billion in unfunded pension obligations.  Illinois is so broke we need to have two cosigners to make a bank deposit. That’s a joke (I think).
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