By Steve Balich July 6, 2017
The Will County Board Republican Majority Finance Chair Mike Fricilone announced today the Will County Republican Majority will Freeze or lower the property tax rate this year as we have since taking the Majority control back from the Democrats in 2014.
The Will County Republican Majority scrapped the notion of a public sector tax to pay for building a new Court house, Sheriff Facility, and Health Department while at the same time reducing the property tax rate, after taking control in 2014.
Now we in Illinois are watching a State Government controlled for over 30 years by Michael Madigan  try to over ride a budget the Governor vetoed. Madigan has no problem selling out the citizens of illinois. The new budget has no spending cuts, just tax increases. Why can’t the State leaders follow the lead of  the Will County Republican Majority?
Governor Bruce Rauner was elected to fix the State. He has been blocked on every reform by the same Michael Madigan that calls Rauners property tax FreezeRight Wing Craziness. This Illinois budget  will take money from so called rich school districts and give it to what “they” consider a poor school district in the name of fairness. Michael Madigan knows this is a bailout for the Chicago Public Schools at the expense of the collar Counties. 

That brings us back to Will County. The Republican Majority believes in less government, less taxes, and less regulations. How novel an idea!!!! Putting that belief into practice means spending every dollar as if it were your own, not expanding County programs without good reason, and making sure regulations, fees, and taxes attract business rather than drive them out. The Will County Republican Majority understands that County money comes from the people that put them in office. Too bad Michael Madigan, can’t follow the lead of the Will County Republican Majority.