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  1. North Korea: Trump, Mattis, Mnuchin warn North Korea of ‘overwhelming’ military response, halted trade [Fox News]. South Korea conducts missile drill after North Korea nuclear test rattles globe [The Foreign Desk]. Warns that North may launch ICBM after nuclear test [The Foreign Desk].
  2. U.S.vs. ISIS: U.S.-led coalition says Islamic State Syria convoy split in two [The Foreign Desk]. ISIS fighters may have escaped to Iraq, despite U.S. promises to stop them [Washington Post].
  3. Victory over ISIS on Lebanon-Syria border is boon for Hezbollah [VOA News].
  4. Iran: Tests domestically developed long-range air defense system [AFP]. Says jailed U.S. student, dual nationals lose spying appeal [The Foreign Desk].
  5. Texas Gov. Abbott: Harvey recovery may reach $180 billion [The Hill].
  6. FBI, DHS warned of increasingly violent Antifa clashes in 2016, documents show [Fox News].
  7. Russia: U.S. closure of diplomatic sites a ‘blatantly hostile act’ [The Foreign Desk].
  8. Thousands of military contractor files allegedly left online, unsecure [The Hill].
  9. Instagram says hack that targeted celebrities was wider than previously thought [WSJ].
  10. Frankfurt WW2 bomb defused after mass evacuation [BBC News].