Deep State covered for Clinton… and it still is

Clinton testimony

Thanks to revelations out from two GOP senators this week, we learned what we already knew: Former FBI Director James Comey never had any intention to thoroughly investigate Hillary Clinton’s use of a secret email server while at the State Department. In other words, his firing was totally justified. Now, watch as the Washington machine works feverishly to continue to keep traces of Clinton corruption under wraps.
Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Chuck Grassley of Iowa and Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina on Thursday released a letter to the new FBI director demanding an explanation for why it appears that Comey wrote a statement clearing Clinton of wrongdoing in May 2016, before the agency had even interviewed her or key aides tied to the scandal.
“These individuals had intimate and personal knowledge relating to Secretary Clinton’s non-government server, including helping her build and administer the device,” they noted in the letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray.
“Conclusion first, fact-gathering second — that’s no way to run an investigation. The FBI should be held to a higher standard than that, especially in a matter of such great public interest and controversy,” Grassley and Graham added.
President Donald Trump tweeted about the letter early Friday, calling it proof of a “rigged system.”

And he’s right.
Just after the senators’ letter became public, another letter involving Trump/Comey/Russia/Clinton is getting press over at The New York Times.
Of course, there isn’t much to the coverage beyond revealing that different people close to Trump had different opinions about why he should fire Comey. The story is based on information about a draft letter from the Trump White House that FBI special prosecutor Robert Mueller apparently has in his possession. The draft, The Times claims, “appears to provide the clearest rationale that Mr. Trump had for firing Mr. Comey.”
The story continues into this gobbledygook:

It is unclear how much of Mr. Trump’s rationale focuses on the Russia investigation, although Mr. Trump told aides at the time he was angry that Mr. Comey refused to publicly say that Mr. Trump himself was not under investigation. Mr. Comey later said in testimony to Congress that the president was not under investigation.

Mr. Mueller is conducting a wide-ranging investigation into Russia and associates of Mr. Trump, including whether the president obstructed justice when he dismissed the F.B.I. director.

The Justice Department turned over a copy of the letter to Mr. Mueller in recent weeks.

Ty Cobb, a White House lawyer, declined to discuss the letter or its contents. “To the extent the special prosecutor is interested in these matters, we will be fully transparent with him,’’ he said.

So much desperation to find something, anything to skewer Trump– yet, so little substance.
Still, the mainstream media’s job of muddying the waters and keeping Trump’s alleged relationship with unidentified Russian election hijackers will continue to give Clinton’s supporters something to whine about.
And while NYT and its big media peers diligently play their part– factions within Trump’s own government are working to ensure that Clinton never suffers a proper investigation.
This week, Judicial Watch won a victory via a ruling from United States District Judge James E. Boasberg that the State Departmemnt must make public a FBI declaration detailing its efforts to retrieve Hillary Clinton’s government emails.
Why did it need such a declaration?
Because officials like acting Assistant Attorney General Chad Readler, a Trump appointee, keep declaring that the FBI already has done all it can to assure the public of its earlier finding that Clinton is an innocent old woman who simply doesn’t understand how email security works.
“We’re happy with the ruling but it is unbelievable we’re being opposed by Trump appointees in the State and Justice Department’s on the Clinton email issue,” Judicial Watch Tom Fitton said this week.” President Trump ought to be outraged his appointees are protecting Hillary Clinton. The State Department should initiate action with the Justice Department – and both agencies should finally take the necessary steps to recover all the government emails Hillary Clinton unlawfully removed.”
No doubt he’s correct. But government insiders will continue foot dragging as long as possible to avoid any real investigation into the Clinton issue.
As I’ve written before, the Clintons learned long ago how to protect themselves by implicating as many people as possible in their schemes.