Will County Board’s Balich wants to keep the cutting coming

Will County Board member Steve Balich is running for re-election with the goal of eliminating unnecessary government and saving taxpayer money.
Balich, elected in 2012, is running as a team with fellow board member Mike Fricilone.
 Steve Balich http://www.electbalich.com
“We really represent the best interests of the people,” Balich told Will County Gazette. “We don’t care what the government wants; we’re there for the people.”
The Homer Glen resident says voters have been excited about his re-election campaign and happy with the job he’s done, which has included preventing aerial photos from being used to identify land use violations, passing a resolution allowing taxpayers to get their money back if their car is towed erroneously, and eliminating pensions for county board members.
“Basically, what we’re about is less government, less taxes and less regulations,” Balich said.
Balich has proposed removing maintenance items from the requirement for getting a building permit. The proposal would allow homeowners to do work on their house, such as getting new windows, doors or water tanks, without needing a permit.
Balich and Fricilone’s goal is to reduce property tax for the fourth year in a row. They suspect they can reduce the tax 1.5 percent to 3 percent.
“We do it because we watch how we spend our money,” Balich said. “Unlike the state of Illinois, they just spend. We don’t do that.”
Balich has served a county clerk and was a trustee for eight years.
“I started to run because I wanted to make my community a better place to live for me, my kids and my friends,” Balich said.
A Republican candidate has not challenged Balich in the primary, although Balich said it’s not too late for someone to join the race.
The primary will be held on March 20, 2018.