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Steve Balich Conservative Activist

Written By Steve Balich 11/25/2018

Quotes from the Farmers Weekly November 14th issue By Nick Reiher

Democrats now have a 14 to 12 majority on the Will County Board. Denise Winfrey Democrat from Joliet is excited to Lead Will County Board. The Democrat Caucus meeting discussed the removal of the prayer which is said just after the pledge to begin the Board meeting. I hope the Democrat Majority is not considering removal of the Pledge also.

“The other issue, brought up at the caucus by board member Jackie Traynere, D-Bolingbrook, is more sensitive, Democrat Speaker of the Board Winfrey knows, and likely has strong support and opposition from both sides of the aisle: replacing the prayer at the beginning of County Board meetings with a moment of silence.”

The Prayer and Pledge have part of the tradition of the Will County Board since its inception. Now in the name of political correctness the Democrat leadership wants to discuss removing “GOD” from the Board Meetings.

“Winfrey said Not helping opponents of the change is the fact that too many clergy of all faiths decline the opportunity, in part, because they don’t want to travel to Downtown Joliet from the outskirts of the county to give a two-minute prayer.”

The Democrat leadership makes it seem like no Clergy wants to come which is more FAKE NEWS opinion to make a point. The fact is that we have a Minister, Deacon, and an Elder on the Board to lead the prayer. Clergy from numerous Domination’s have come feeling honored to lead the prayer. The fact is that any member of the Board can lead in prayer. There has never been a problem with someone leading the prayer.

Shame on anyone who tries to remove prayer from the Will County Board meeting. Speaking for the Republicans on the Board, all 12 of us are disgusted with our Democrat Colleagues for even bringing it up, and PRAY they will not do it.