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Steve Balich Conservative Activist

Gun grabbers going nuclear

The anti-liberty movement has pretty conclusively demonstrated that they’re completely unhinged at this point. Between their twisted glee at turning shooting victims into carrion for their rage or touting ludicrous statistics which defy not only facts, but common sense as well, I’ll give them credit: They certainly haven’t been shy about their hatred for the Bill of Rights, the 2nd Amendment most notably.

These people practically salivated over the chance to blame the AR-15 rifle’s existence for the Parkland terrorist attack, even before the parents of the victims had been notified. When they’re not ascribing supernatural properties to firearms, borne of an understanding apparently gleaned almost entirely from 1980s action-adventure films, they’re inventing crime statistics that would raise eyebrows everywhere outside Third World hellholes like Yemen, Caracas or Chicago. No, Piers Morgan, a semi-automatic gun can’t “kill 200+ people a minute.” A semi-automatic gun “can” kill the same number of people in a minute as a full-auto: 0. No, former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, so-called “gun violence” doesn’t kill “93 million Americans a day.” No, Mike Bloomberg-backed hate group (nowhere near) Everytown for Gun Safety, there haven’t been over 300 mass shooting events in the United States in 2018. Much like McAuliffe’s ludicrous claim, that doesn’t even require expansion. It’s pure propaganda, a perfect exemplar of the “big lie” Ol’ Adolph was babbling about in Mein Kampf, and it’s a perfect exemplar of just how divorced from reality the liberals have become.

So, no one should be surprised that the latest gun policy from the left isn’t just confiscation, but extermination. According to Rep. Eric Swalwell (IngSoc – Californistan), the best way to eliminate crime involving firearms would be to “Ban assault weapons, buy them back, go after resisters.” And, as he sneered at conservative commentator and veteran Joe Biggs for pointing out such a move would probably precipitate a second Civil War, his idea of “go after resisters” would pile up more bodies than the first Civil War: “(I)t would be a short war my friend. The government has nukes.” Swalwell has since doubled down on his call for nationwide firearm confiscation by government thugs, while dismissing his nuclear threats as mere hyperbole; as if gun owners should be content that Swalwell plans to have them executed individually, rather than immolated in a radioactive conflagration. Granted, an order along the lines of what Swalwell is suggesting would be ignored by such an overwhelming majority of the cops and soldiers expected to carry it out, that Swalwell would be the most likely candidate for the business end of the proverbial firing squad, but zealots like Swalwell always overestimate their own import.

I can’t imagine being so far down the partisan rabbit hole that I’m cracking jokes about nuking my fellow citizens because I think they have too much freedom. Liberals irritate me as much as they do you, and their increasingly strident — and violent — efforts to suppress everything, from freedom of speech to freedom to eat dinner in peace, have done a wonderful job of reminding me how important — and inviolable — our liberties truly are. Their aversion to the 2nd Amendment is a product of the same fundamental ignorance that befouls their interpretation of the 1st Amendment. Much as they believe “hate speech” shouldn’t be protected — provided they get to define “hate speech;” they believe “arms” should be limited to the weapons of which they approve. In essence: if you’re not a liberal, then shut the hell up, and go play with your musket.

That guys like Swalwell default to confiscation should remind us all that their ultimate goal — using government force to strip us of liberty. That guys like Swalwell aren’t trying to hide it should remind us all that they’re feeling confident about their prospects. That guys like Swalwell — and the myriad billionaire-backed anti-liberty hate groups who help him spread increasingly insane propaganda — are finding the lulz in the idea of literally blowing us off the planet should remind us all that they’re fine with killing us to create their utopia. But guys like Swalwell should also remind us all that, if he were to get his civil war, we’d win.