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Steve Balich Conservative Activist

By Jay Baker

Abusing, whiting out, fabricating, chowing down and tampering with the creepiest, raceyist, most edited, tastyist and Russiaphobic fakeries in the week’s fake news.

It’s a holiday week. Let’s play a little game.

Given that we’re recovering from a day of excessive eating, football-watching and time with relatives and this week affords us an extra opportunity to reflect and give thanks for the blessings our Creator has bestowed up on us — plus the fact that I’m thinking more about a few days off than fake news — I thought I’d put together something a little different for this week’s excursion into the nonsensical fakeries passed off as real news by the propaganda media and political establishment. So rather than highlight four or five short story fakeries from the week as we usually do, I’ve designed a little quiz. I call it “Fake, not fake.”

The rules are simple. I’m going to write a sentence describing something that may or may not have actually occurred. You get to take a guess as to whether it is fake or not fake. I hope you enjoy it. And I hope you’ve had a happy Thanksgiving. 
Fake, not fake? Citing his deeply-held conviction that we should “believe all women,” creepy porn lawyer Michael Avenatti has agreed to plead guilty to domestic violence charges after both his estranged wife and a young aspiring actress accused him of abusing them. That’s fake. Avenatti, who put a couple of women up to falsely accusing Brett Kavanaugh of abusing women, denies the charges and says he should get the benefit of due process… the same due process he sought to deny Kavanaugh.

Fake, not fake? A white, female CNN contributor says whites aren’t racist. That’s fake. It seems all CNN contributors, regardless of race, see a racist in every Cracker. Kirsten Powers, a white, female leftist who used to make sense — at least for a leftist — said not on just one show that white people are racist, but on two; doubling down on her claim that all white people are racists. She even admits she’s a racist. Her second show was spent clarifying that she didn’t just mean to originally say white Trump supporters were racists, but all white people — which is a racist statement in and of itself. So, she was correct when she said she was a racist. No word from Powers on what that makes black people who voted for Trump… of which there were many. It was just a couple of weeks ago that Powers, who used to be married to a white guy and is now engaged to one, agreed with CNN’s Don Lemon — who “dates” a white guy — that white guys are terrorists. Powers is an outlier in that she’s a leftist female talking head and paid propagandist who is actually attractive and straight — both rare commodities among leftists. But she’s apparently lost her marbles.

Fake, not fake? CNN commentator Carl Bernstein — who made fake news in the 1970s with his fabrication of “Deep Throat” — says the White House press briefings should not be televised live so the media can “edit” what the public sees. That’s not fake. It demonstrates that the MSM desperately wants to regain its position as gatekeeper of all information in the public sphere that it lost with the advent of the internet. It also demonstrates that before the internet all the news you saw was scripted… which means it was fake news.

Fake, not fake? Calling it the best-tasting chicken sandwich on the planet, House Democrats chose fast-food outlet Chick-fil-A as their lunch provider for their first caucus meeting following their Midterm win. That’s fake. Chick-fil-A was actually banned by the Democrats as an “ideological food.” It’s so “ideological” that was recently named by the American Customer Satisfaction Index as the No. 1 fast food restaurant in America for the third year in a row. Market Forces Annual Customer Survey of top quick-service restaurants named Chick-fil-A as the top chicken sandwich in America, and it is second in the country in customer loyalty — just behind In-N-Out Burger. It’s obviously too “American” for Democrats.

Fake, not fake? More Chick-fil-A news: The chicken sandwich franchise was banned from the Rider University campus because a student survey determined students didn’t want a Chick-fil-A restaurant on campus. That’s fake. Chick-fil-A was the students’ top choice in the survey. After all, it’s the top chicken sandwich in America. But the administration has an agenda. And that agenda has nothing to do with giving the students what they want. So the administration rejected the students’ choice because Chick-fil-A’s corporate values don’t “promote… inclusion for all people.” The administration didn’t elucidate how banning a chicken sandwich restaurant that the majority of students wanted promotes “inclusion.” But leftists are nothing if not hypocrites.

Fake, not fake? Chipotle rewarded a manager in one of its St. Paul, Minnesota stores for stopping a theft ring. That’s fake. Chipotle fired the manager who refused to serve five patrons unless they paid for their food in advance. The manager recognized them as people who had previously skipped out without payment. The black patrons immediately cried racism and the social justice warrior cult on social media chimed in, causing Chipotle to act in typical corporatist knee-jerk fashion any time racism is alleged. It believed the negros and fired the white manager posthaste, even though management knew the gang were regular dine-and-dashers. Chipotle then lied about whether it knew before firing the manager that the ring leader of the dine-and-dash group had numerous posts on his social media accounts bragging about carrying out dine-and-dash thefts. It did, but fired her anyway.

Fake, not fake? Two-thirds of Democrat voters think Russia tampered with vote tallies to elect Trump. Not fake; and you read that right. According to a poll byThe Economist/YouGov, 31 percent of Democrats believe the statement, “Russia tampered with the vote tallies in order to get Donald Trump elected President” is “Definitely true.” Another 36 percent believe it is “Probably true.” Only 8 percent of Democrats think the statement is “Definitely not true.” This indicates the power of propaganda and tells us that 67 percent of Democrat voters are blithering idiots. Women were more likely than men — 48 percent of women thought it was definitely or probably true compared to 37 percent of men — to think the Russians tampered with vote tallies, which indicates that half or more of leftist women are deranged. But we already knew that. We saw video from the Women’s Marches. In the interest of full disclosure, 17 percent of Republican voters also thought the statement is definitely or probably true. Does that mean Republicans are 50 percent smarter than Democrats? We’re not good with the maths. That’s why we chose journalism.

Fake, not fake? Snopes says that Representative Eric Swalwell (Communist-California, but that’s redundant) didn’t suggested in a tweet that nuking gun owners was an option for anyone who resists gun confiscation. That’s not fake. The leftist “fact-checking” site Snopes says that Swalwell didn’t say what he said because he now says he was joking. Back in May, Swalwell wrote for USA Today that so-called “assault weapons” should be banned, those in existence “bought back,” and government should “go after” resisters. Last week, a Twitter wag wondering what Swalwell meant by “go after” posted a link to NBC’s coverage of Swalwell’s USA Today op-ed, claiming:

Another blue check conservative tweeter responded:

This prompted Swalwall’s infamous tweet in response: 
So, yeah, Swalwell suggested that the “nuclear option” was a possible response to “resisters.” Make no mistake, leftists are authoritarians and have no qualms about using force to enforce their ideology on “resisters;” Bill of Rights be damned. And that’s not fake. Just look at the history of the 20th century.