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The assault on republicanism

“To say that majorities, as such, have a right to rule minorities, is equivalent to saying that minorities have, and ought to have, no rights, except such as majorities please to allow them.” — Lysander Spooner

Our “democracy” is under attack because we don’t have enough “democracy.” This is the growing refrain from the collectivist left as it slowly wears away at the republic like waves on stone, one election cycle at a time.

The use of the Electoral College for selecting the president has been under attack for some time. It gained steam when George Bush the lesser received half a million fewer votes than Al Gore but won the presidency when Democrat shenanigans down in Florida were halted and Bush got the state’s 25 electoral votes.

In 2013 The New York Times lamented that “Smaller states find outsize clout growing in the Senate,” and pondered whether a constitutional amendment was needed to fix the “least democratic legislative chamber.”

The refrain grew louder after SHillary Clinton defied all odds and coughed up a victory as inevitable as “Dewey beats Truman.” This even though the upper echelons of the FBI, CIA, NSA and the Barack Obama regime were working behind the scenes with Russian and British operatives and Big Tech to quash Donald Trump and disparage everything conservative that Big Tech wasn’t busy memory holing.

Now, in wake of the recent midterms, the collectivist left is at it again. Political pundits and leftist talking heads are pontificating on the airwaves, in print and on social media that the minority class in America has too much power because even though Democrat Senate politicians received more total votes than Republican Senate politicians, Republicans hold the Senate majority. This, the collectivists say, indicates our “democracy” is broken.

And who is that minority class that is earning the reproach of the haughty, self-important pundit class? Why it’s those rubes in what has come to be called “flyover country.”

For example, Ken Dilanian, a blue checkmark tweeter and paid Deep State propagandist who serves as “Intelligence and national security reporter for the NBC News Investigative Unit, based in DC. Former AP, LA Times, USA TODAY, Philly Inquirer. Williams College,” had this to say on Twitter:

The question is how much longer the American majority will tolerate being pushed around by a rural minority.

That is pure argle-bargle. If anyone’s being “pushed around” it’s the “rural minority,” particularly the white Christian gun-owning liberty-minded minority, which is constantly referred to in the MSM as racist, homophobic, terrorists and whatever other contumely the self-important condescending privileged class in the ivory tower echo chamber can contrive.

Evidently, the national security reporter for NBC News Investigative Unit skipped civics class. Even the worst public reeducation camps commonly called “public schools” explain the purpose of having two senators from each state. But Dilanian was far from alone, and the ignorance — if we’re to be kind in explaining away their motives — infects even college professors.

Like Mark Copelovitch, “Professor of Political Science & Public Affairs, University of Wisconsin – Madison. IPE, economic policy, politics. Tweets mine. R/T not endorsements,” who tweeted after election night:

Mark Copelovitch@mcopelov

It is absurd that one party is projected to win the national popular vote by +9% and we are sitting around waiting to find out who will control the legislature

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Mark Copelovitch@mcopelov

Senate popular vote:
Democrats: 40,558,262 (55.4%)
Republicans: 31,490,026 votes (43.0%)

Senate seats: Republicans +3

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For those who are victims of the public indoctrination system and propaganda media, the Senate was designed by the wise Founders to ensure equality — the equality of the states. It was also designed to preserve the states’ control over the general government and to be the “’aristocratic’ chamber to restrain the potential excesses of the ‘mob’ in the House,” writes Brion McClanahan in The Founding Father’s Guide to the Constitution. The new Constitution would not have been ratified if not for a way to check “the turbulence and follies of democracy,” as Edmund Randolph put it.

It was designed to ensure the United States remain a republic.

A republic is a limited, representative, participatory government. A republic is the almost natural result of public order built upon the love of God, the individual, the family and business and many, many private associations and relations.

There was a reason the Founders disdained democracy.

Democracy is not necessarily a representative government, but it is an illusory participatory government. People tend to think that democracy is evolved or modern republicanism. Democracy is truly a veil for a wicked government that places all matters, including personal and private ones, into the public view, for public legislation. Democracy flourishes where the hard-working, creative middle class perishes, or is not allowed to develop.

Democracy is the mask of tyranny that pretends to promote public debate but always on spurious issues. He who speaks the real issues is blacked out. Note Mr. Delanian’s tweet above, where he openly advocates that the rubes in the “rural minority” be pushed to the back of the bus.

The word democracy is an agenda quite different from its innocent sound. It is a euphemism for despotic government. Democracy is a term that conceals a system of manipulating people by manipulating their thought processes. The word democracy is the most politically correct word in America and in the entire world. Every politician uses the word democracy repeatedly to numb the people and disguise authoritarianism. The politicians and the media never speak of America as republic; only as a democracy.

Democracy is more a state of mind that evolves when the people and the state become one. I call it benevolent totalitarianism. Those who clamor for democracy clamor for their own chains — members of the ruling class, like Mr. Delanian, excepted. Note that in all authoritarian collectivist systems in which there are purportedly no class differences, the ruling class always get the plums while everyone else gets the crumbs and chains.

How do the results of the national vote become anti-democratic anyway? Because someone doesn’t like the results? (Boohoo).

Just who are the real Nazis here? If you answered “the global elite” and the “anti-republicans” of the condescending privileged class in the ivory tower echo chamber advocating for direct democracy, now you know why the images of Nazism never seem to go away in the mass media. They are the idols and symbols of New World Order global socialism, exceeding the enslavement power of Germany’s leftwing national socialism by leaps and bounds.

Democracy is an organized system of political, moral and social control. It is the evolution and fulfillment of all systems gone before. It is the New World Order to perfection for the ruling international elite. It is the master strategy of taking human liberty and individualism and transferring them to the group herd that clamors for authoritarianism.

Democracy is not freedom. It is not government by the people and for the people. It is the perfect disguise for benevolent totalitarianism.

The revolutionaries, liberals and fakes share in their adamant refusal to discuss any subject which threatens their treasured democracy. Democracy is tolerant of all but the honest individual, whose rights are legislated away until he himself is a virtual outlaw.

The anti-republicans don’t want there to be states. They don’t even want there to be countries because they want One World Government.

But the states must be eliminated first. So they want there to be 100 Senators who are nationally elected by popular vote. They don’t acknowledge that Wyoming is different from New York because they don’t want it to be. They want Wyoming to be New York with New York mores and values.

The media plays into this by making Senators national personalities. The 17th Amendment essentially turned Senators into national Senators because they could more easily be bought by national interests through the election process.

Anyone seeking human liberty, privacy and private property under the mental deception of democracy is under the greatest of all illusions. Let us purge our minds of this seductive appeal, this spiritual despotism. It has stolen our conscience, our soul and our honor. It is our legacy to future generations to whom we are passing on our slavery. Shame could have no greater victory.