McDonald’s Announces Its Answer to $15 an Hour Minimum Wage – Touch-Screen Cashiers

McDonalds Self-service kiosks will expand to at least 2,000 locations in 2015…

This is exactly what the left pushed for.  Fast food chains were never meant to be a place for someone to raise a family of 6. They were to be part time positions with some full-time advancements. Mostly the fast food restaurants were for school aged kids, to learn how to interact with people, with a job, to offer spending money, and to begin responsibility learning for their future. The part time position was not intended to pay for a house, it is a stepping stone to move on…
$15.00/hr x 8 hrs= $120/day x 5 days= $600/week x 52 weeks = $31,200/year!!
Of course when this happens, like it did today in Los Angeles , the poor and
unskilled workers will go on unemployment, then on Welfare, and cost American workers
more to support them.
McDonald’s recently came out with their answer to those that want $15/hr pay. Robots!
Many other food chains AND now RESTAURANTS alike are now switching over to kiosks/touchscreens to replace their cashiers, and servers too!
For the same reasons as McDonalds is making this move worldwide, these businesses
simply cannot afford to operate and pay your demanded minimum wage of $15 per hour
plus benefits to their workers/servers!
Got any other bright ideas Mr. Obama?
Directly from YOUR rhetoric and demands against Americas private businesses,
you and your minions just singlehandedly put 10’s of thousands of minimum
wage workers nationwide on the unemployment line!
In addition Mr. Obama, YOU have caused these minimum
wage jobs to be permanently eliminated and swept away
from Americas workplace FOREVER!