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Oct. 27, 2015
Goodings Grove first graders tackle Pumpkin Mathgoodings pumpkins 009

Goodings Grove first graders discovered pumpkins float during a math exercise at the school on Oct. 27.

Pumpkins not only make great pies and colorful fall decorations but useful math tools.
Just ask a first grader at Goodings Grove School. They were each given a pumpkin to practice their math skills on Tuesday (Oct. 27), measuring the fruit’s height and circumference before plopping it on a scale to see how much it weighed.
First, however, they had to guess what each pumpkin weighed and whether they would sink or float when placed in a tub of water.goodings pumpkins 060
A Goodings Grove parent helps a first grader determine the circumference of his pumpkin during a math activity at the school
“It’s OK to be wrong,” first grade teacher Janet Blackburn assured her students as they prepared to complete “Pumpkin Math” with the assistance of parent volunteers.
Students worked in small groups, using tape a measure to determine their pumpkin’s circumference and math cubes to measure its height.
In another exercise, students had to guess how many pumpkin seeds were in a jar.
“I’m a bad estimator,” Blackburn confessed to students as they formulated their own assessments.
Afterward, they were given colorful pipe cleaners and self-adhesive foam pieces to decorate their pumpkins with and then take home.goodings pumpkins 109
Goodings Grove parent Maria Brutus helps students decorate their pumpkins after a math activity at the school on Oct. 27
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