stock-photo-financial-problems-have-man-and-wife-with-baby-309673337At the  October Will County Finance committee the new Finance Director presented a balanced budget that allowed for all spending needs based on a Levy that decreased the rate and dollar amount of the Levy. The Levy and budget were well received and passed by the committee. Click Article explaining details.
At the November 4th 2015 meeting things changed when president Hart asked for a the Committee to consider 3 options before bringing forward the Levy which passed in October to the full Board of Commissioners November 12th.

  1. Keep the same Levy as was approved in October.
  2. Take the New Construction.
  3. Take the New Construction and CPI.

Discussion began. At one point Former Finance Chair Mahr said we need the extra money for capital projects pointing out people expected we would do something with the land purchased with referendum money. Commissioner Moran said he was in favor of either 2 or 3. Commissioner Moustis said he had no problem taking the new construction since there still would be a reduction in taxes. Commissioner Balich said we passed a balanced budget and Levy last month and explained reasons why we should stick with the October passed Levy.   Commissioner Fricilone said that we should go to referendum and ask the people if we are raising taxes to do Capital projects that are more wants than needs. Commissioner Fricilone said leave it up to the people.  The vote was called after more discussion moving the 2nd option taking New Construction forward to the meeting of the full Board next week for final approval. The Added money was then added to the budget which will be moved for approval also.stock-photo-pregnant-family-with-money-and-baby-s-clothes-sit-on-a-sofa-of-the-house-family-budget-95660347
After the meeting Ragan Freitag said There’s a difference between wants and needs when it comes to Capitol projects for the County versus the Forest Preserve at this time. The County needs a Sheriff’s facility, courthouse and health department based on safety and health concerns for our constituents. The Forest Preserve may want to acquire additional land, build new trails and construct new projects but there is not an imminent need for safety and health for our constituents in this regard.
Voting against the tax increase were: Tuminello, Balich, Freitag, Ogalla, Fricilone, and Gould.
Voting for the tax increase were: Moran, Weigel, Moustis, Rice, Hart, Brooks, Winfrey, Mahr, Harris, Babich, and Wilmehi.