Message from the Bundy Family

Our Dear Friends,
Please read the letter (below) that our family has issued to Aware Citizens and Government Officials.
The Hammond family has been battered and abused by the federal government for over a decade. Now they have been declared as “terrorist” and sentenced to 5 years in prison. For what?…for claiming their water rights and using their ranch.
The father and son already spent unjust months in federal prison, now the 9th District Court “resentenced” them (double jeopardy) to 5 years, due to being “terrorist”. The federal attorneys and courts have been deceitful and full of corruption. They raided their homes taking the evidence needed to defend them selves, took their guns, and threatening the family physically if they continue to legally resist them. This is a tremendous injustice that the American people must not allow!
The Bundy family is determined to do what ever it takes to assist this good American family so they do not have to suffer unjust further punishments.
We will be sending an outline of the facts with in a day or two. Please stay informed about the Hammond Family and be prepared to act according to the prompting the Lord gives you.
Please forward this email to as many friends and family as possible.  We need to build awareness so that this injustice can be corrected.  Without your help we cannot right this wrong.
Thank You,
Ammon Bundy
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November 3, 2015
Re:       Hammond Family Declared as Terrorist and Sentenced to Five Years in Federal Prison
From:  The Bundy Family
            Bunkerville, Nevada
To:       Aware Citizens & Government Officials
Our hearts and prayers go out to the Hammond family with deep empathy.  The magnitude of the injustices dealt to them is hard to comprehend.  Their once happy lives have been forever darkened with pains of corruptions.  The nature of their sentencing proves once again that justice is currently not found in the federal courts.  The Hammonds are a simple ranching family that for generations has cared for the land they lived upon.  Prescribed burns are a vital process in keeping the land healthy and productive in the area.  The BLM also performs prescribed burns and have let it get out of control many times, but never has it cost any federal agent hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines and years of life in prison.  The Hammonds prescribed a fire on their private property that moved to public land, they extinguished the fire themselves.  The courts found that the burn increased vegetation for the following years, and had a positive impact on the land.  With no authority or justification to prosecute, eleven years after the fire, federal attorneys have obtained judgment that the Hammonds are terrorists and must be punished severely for their actions.
The illegal predatory actions of federal agencies placing themselves as the sole beneficiaries of the land and resources must end or the people will stand in open resistance against it.  The collaboration between federal agencies and the federal courts is shameful and will continue to accelerate the peoples demand for justice.  The Hammond prosecution, and many offenses like it, solidify that the federal government is no longer an entity that functions for the benefit of the people. 
We warn federal agencies, federal judges and all government officials that follow federal oppressive examples that the people are in unrest because of these types of actions.  The purpose of government is to protect the unalienable rights of the people, not to take them away.  It is the duty of the people to defend their God given rights if government fails to do so or turns to devour them.  Good, civil citizens wish only to live in tranquility and peace, but demand freedom while doing so.  We call upon you and all civil servants to effectuate the true purpose of government and change your actions as needed by fulfilling your sworn duty to the Constitution and ultimately to the People.
We further warn that the incarceration of the Hammond family will spawn serious civil unrest.  We advocate that all charges be dropped and that the Hammond family be allowed to return to the home and life that was so rudely interrupted.  The Hammond family has paid enough for this mistake, if any mistake at all. Further punishments to the Hammonds will require restitution upon those who inflict the injustices. 
We call upon aware citizens and government officials to promote the protection and freedom of the Hammond family, and by so doing, maintaining the spirit of liberty that this beloved nation is built upon.
The Bundy Family
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