A nation in mourning and the world in shock
David A. Lombardo 11/21/2015
The CNN online headline said of the terrorist attack in Paris, “Scores were killed in the coordinated attacks late Friday, leaving a nation in mourning and the world in shock.” Nation in mourning I get; world in shock, not so much.
How can anyone be shocked by the daily insanity foisted upon anyone or any country that is not amenable to Sharia law? At this point can anything happen that will truly shock you? I’ve seen a line of hostages have their heads blown off simultaneously with detonation cord, I’ve watched videos in which a man is burned to death in a cage, another caged man drowning in a swimming pool, people having their heads sawed off, suicide bombers blowing up everyone and everything around them, and now a concert hall floor littered with shot up bodies. Seriously, hasn’t the endless parade of atrocities served to inoculate our emotional senses? And certainly have they not inured us to the inevitable news of yet another such atrocity?
And if you think it won’t really ever happen here, think again. First of all, ISIS has been very specific about bringing terrorism to the U.S. shore. There’s the recent post-Paris video in which the speaker says, “So we say to countries that are participating in the crusader campaign against the Islamic State, by God, you will have a day like that of France.” In it, he talks specifically about Washington, D.C.
The “he,” by the way, isn’t Jihad John; that Brit is a grease spot in the sand thanks to U.S. air power.
ISIS also issued a statement some time ago that it has 71 trained soldiers in 15 states, 23 of whom have signed up for missions like the one in Paris. We’ve been warned time and again that they want to detonate an electromagnetic pulse bomb which would wipe out anything electrical sending us back into the Stone Age though still a good 500 years ahead of ISIS. And let’s not forget that our Demander-In-Chief has paved the road for the Iranians to nuke the snot out of every city in the United States. Seriously, how can anyone be shocked anymore?
Let’s face it, these dirtbags and have been killing non-believers since 732 AD when the Muslim Army moved on Paris, was defeated and turned back at Tours, France , by Charles Martell. They’ve been trying to kill us off ever since. The terrorists that is, not the French. The French, when not busy surrendering to someone, are content with killing us slowly with cholesterol.
Having said that, if you’re a masochist and have a compulsive need to be shocked by all this, you might take a look at the public’s response; now that’s shocking. One of my favorite quotes comes from Mike Tyson who said, “Everyone has a plan until they get hit.” That may have been true for Iron Mike but we’ve been hit countless times by ISIS and we sure as hell still don’t have a plan or, for that matter, any sense of agreement on what to call these jerks.
Dawn Turner, in her Chicago Tribune editorial, blames the emerging home grown ISIS sympathizers on unemployment, income inequality, social exclusion, poverty and you guessed it – racism. We just need to give them a $15 per hour burger flipping job and they’ll de-ISIS themselves. Yeah, right.
As if that’s not bad enough, our president insists on letting Syrian refugees into this country for humanitarian reasons. When taken to task, Obama said of those that think it’s an idiotic idea, “Apparently they’re scared of widows and orphans coming into the United States of America.”
Is it just me or has anyone noticed every picture I’ve seen of these sad, pathetic refugees has always consisted of young males and they’re always chanting something one might construe to be anti-social such as, you know – “death to all Americans.”
But Obama knows best. In Monday’s Tribune it was reported that Obama has pledged to “redouble our efforts to fight terrorism.” He demonstrated his commitment by releasing five prisoners held in Guantanamo Bay. Okay, I have to think that over a bit because I must be missing something.
I’m sorry but I have this strange belief that these guys want to kill us. So let me give you one man’s opinion. I have no empirical evidence to support any of this but a gut check tells me these are good ideas:
First, buy a gun, lots of ammunition and learn to use it. Second, carry that gun everywhere you go from now on including to the bathroom. Talk about being a sitting duck. Third, make friends with other people who bought guns, lots of ammunition, learned to use them and carry them everywhere they go.
Fourth, consider the City of Chicago a toxic waste dump that will kill you if you go there. If you currently live in the City of Chicago – move. Come out here where you can actually park your car, not pay $200 for a mediocre meal and you can go to bed at night without the sound of distant gunshots. Fifth, consider any establishment that has a “no gun” sign to be a front for ISIS and has protocols in place to make you disappear. If enough of us boycott such places they’ll go out of business and some enterprising individual can open up a gun store in the newly vacated space where you can buy yet more guns. Sixth, situational awareness, situational awareness, situational awareness; and finally, buy more, bigger, better guns and lots more ammunition.