For years the Hammond’s property has been sought after by federal agencies. The federal government is now using the federal court system to take their land. They have been tried in a federal court as terrorist, fined $400,000 and must give over their ranch to the BLM if they sell, the must report to federal prison for five years, after already fulfilling their sentencing. All because they started a prescribed burn just like they did every year.

Please contact these representatives to help the Hammond’s right now, we cannot wait.
State Representative Cliff Bentz (R)
900 Court St NE H-475
Salem, OR 97310
Phone: (503) 986-1460
State Senator Ted Ferrioli (R)
900 Court St NE S-323
Salem, OR 97310
Phone: (503) 986-1730
Thank you,
Ammon Bundy