December 7, 2015
Pearl Harbor, +74

Friends and patriots across America,

Seventy-four years after Pearl Harbor, our nation is once again in grave mortal danger.  We cannot deny the current terrorist threats to America, and hide behind false measures to guarantee our safety.  And we certainly cannot give up our liberty for a little bit of safety.

Our enemies are reconstructing the Ottoman Empire, in the form of a global Muslim Caliphate.  We cannot expect our culture to survive intact if we continue to import Islamic people into America who have absolutely no intent to assimilate into our way of life.  America has contracepted and aborted so many of our future citizens, and thus contributed to the demographic imbalance that is driving mass migration in the world.  This is national suicide.

Former FBI counter-terrorism Special Agent John Guandolo confirms that our government has been infiltrated by a global terrorist network, namely the Muslim Brotherhood.  Guandolo has stated that the San Bernardino terrorist, the UC Merced stabber, the Chattanooga shooter, and the Boston Bombers can all be traced back to Mosques and Islamic Centers where “they were supported and trained.”  According to Guandolo, the San Bernardino terrorists attended the Islamic Center of Riverside, which he said was a “a Muslim Brotherhood Center.” He noted that the Boston Bombers attended the Islamic Society of Boston, which he said was a subsidiary of the Islamic Society of North America, and he said there are over 2,200 Islamic Centers and mosques in America and the “vast majority of them are a part of this network — they’re hostile.”  He said “over 75%” of these centers, based on their property records, are a part of the “Muslim Brotherhood network” since they are “owned by the North American Islamic Trust, which is the bank for the Muslim Brotherhood in America.”

Muslim charities have been, and continue to be, a source of money being laundered for terrorism.  Under Islamic law, every Muslim must fulfill “zakat,” which is a charitable tax.  So we see that funding terrorism is BUILT INTO Islamic charitable giving as a tax paid by every Muslim.  And this is a major problem if we allow tens or hundreds of thousands of more Muslims to be admitted to the USA, either as immigrants or as refugees.  Letting them in virtually guarantees that money they earn here will find its way into the pipeline destined for the jihadists who want to kill Americans !

Our colleges and universities are infiltrated with the Muslim Student Association (MSA).  Since its inception, the MSA has chronically been a vehicle of extremism, hatred, and incitement to violence.  MSA chapters host a wide variety of extremist speakers and have repeatedly raised funds for Islamic groups that have later been closed by the U.S. government for funding terrorism.  For this reason, the MSA was identified in 2004 as one of 27 Islamic charities and groups in the U.S. under investigation by the Senate Finance Committee for terrorist support.  As a result of the long-time institutional extremism, the MSA has also proved to be a fertile recruiting ground for terrorist organizations, such that a 2007 report on Islamic radicalization published by the New York City Police Department identified the MSA as one of the key “radicalization incubators” for homegrown terrorists.

Poll data confirms that large percentages of supposedly “peaceful” Muslims actually sympathize with the terrorist jihadis.  There is NO reliable way to vet Muslims because the data shows that up to 20% (1 in 5) of them SYMPATHIZE with the jihadis.  And for the younger Muslims this figure is even higher (1 in 4).  These figures demonstrate the magnitude of the risk we’re taking by allowing these people into this country.  We can expect nothing less than what has been termed “civilization jihad” if we don’t keep more Muslims out of America.

The terrorist attack in California this week which left 14 Americans dead and many wounded, proves that our systems for vetting Muslims cannot be depended upon to screen out future terrorists who want to murder Americans.  There is no reliable way to vet “sympathy.”  And that puts every American at risk.

The false argument that Islam is a “religion of peace” is the largest myth ever pushed on the American people.  Islam is not a religion in the sense that we understand religious faith.  Since the 7th century, Islam has been a violent political ideology, bent on world domination.  Thus Islam is not compatible with our national values and founding principles.  We are a Judeo-Christian nation, and we’re in grave danger of losing our culture, heritage and freedom.  We must re-assert our system of ordered civil society.  Islam is at war with Judeo-Christian traditions, and always has been since its inception.  Radical Islam must be uprooted, and removed from this country.  If we retreat from this duty, our nation will continue to be subverted from within until we are colonized by Islam, as other nations like France have been, no differently than a deadly bacteria colonizes its host —– until the host is DEAD.

Therefore, I say that the number of Muslim refugees we should accept is absolutely ZERO !  ……..and I will dare to say that the ones already here must be sent back to where they came from.  Now that’s a “radical” idea that will protect our interests.

We also have to elect leaders who will protect America.  And those leaders must have the guts to do what needs to be done, no matter what the Muslims, CAIR, and their Muslim Brotherhood handlers have to say about it.  It is time that America comes to grip with the fact that multiculturalism is a massive failure.  Political correctness and false compassion are paving the way for the loss of our sovereign nation.  This is our country, and we have to take it back because we’re nearing the tipping point of losing it to the barbarians.

Our vaunted and beloved military is also going to have to return to the Middle East in a massive way that will make George Bush’s wars look like a dress rehearsal.  We are already at war with radical Islam on our own soil, and we’re going to have to take this fight back to where the enemy is, on his territory, not ours.  The coming global-scale military effort to stop ISIS and the other radical Muslims is only the beginning.  This time we need to use World War Two tactics.  After we smash them and their backward civilization to bits like we did with the Nazi Third Reich, we’re going to have to do what George Bush and Barack Obama both failed to do:  OCCUPY them for a very long time, and transform their culture into a peaceful one.  Their culture has to be conquered in order for ours to survive.  To date we have not fully appreciated, nor were we willing to accept the long-term commitment that would be needed to completely defeat this enemy.  We can easily beat them on the military field of battle in short order.  But unless we transform their culture into a peaceful one like we did with Germany and Japan after World War Two, this problem is going to continue to metastasize, like a deadly cancer sweeping across the face of the earth, devouring every peaceful culture in its path, including ours.  Make no mistake about this.  The conclusion of the coming military hostilities will require DECADES of armed military occupation until the present generation of jihadi-educated young people across the entire Middle East are long dead.  And if we fail to realize that this is necessary, then we have just signed our own death warrants.

The choice is ours:  Life or DEATH.

Jim Komaniecki
President, INC.
America Cannot Remain Free Unless Her Citizens Are Governed by Virtue

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