By Steve Balich 12/11/2015
The Establishment Republicans  have done nothing to stop Obama’s lawless behavior. We were told if republicans could get the House, we control the purse and stop Obama. Next we are told if we had the Senate we can stop Obama. The result was Republicans voting to fund Obamacare, Immigration, and everything Obama wants. I have backed every Establishment Candidate holding my nose because they were the lesser of 2 evils.
If Trump is leading the other Candidates need to work harder to beat him. If the Establishment does not want to see Trump at any cost, they will force a third party which will insure a Democrat win or Trump to become the founder of that winning third party.
Trump deserves the shot going after Hilary if he is the winner of our Republican Primary. The Establishment fears loss of their money. The Establishment fears the end of politics as usual meaning inside deals they profit from personally.
This thought of a brokered convention shows the colors of the Establishment Republicans that gave us Mc Cain who would say nothing of substance against Obama, Romney, who wasn’t their 1st choice, and they now want Bush  or any other Establishment person that would keep the gravy train rolling.
I like any candidate not associated with the Establishment. I am fine having Trump or Cruz. I may not be able to hold my nose long enough to vote for a Establishment Republican if they steal the nomination from Trump or Cruz.