Illinois Seeks Backdoor Disarmament Legislation
David A. Lombardo
 Guns and Freedom
Nietzsche wrote, “All things are subject to interpretation. Whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth.” I can’t imagine a time in the history of our nation when the darkest interpretation of Nietzsche’s observation was truer. It is a substantive miscalculation to think the ilk of Barack Obama, Rahm Emanuel, Michael Madigan and other liberal pols are intellectual lightweights. They are intelligent, manipulative, calculating demagogues whose primary goals are to stay in power and to be sure John Q lacks the power to take it away from them at any cost.
It is the hallmark of the tin pot dictator to use any means, legal or otherwise, to retain control. Lying, cheating, misdirection, using the power of government to harass citizenry, even making one’s enemies disappear is exercised with little thought beyond scratching the itch of the moment. These sociopaths know the truth but think they’re above it.
Nowhere do all these forces come to bear more so than gun control because no other issue has such profound effect on a dishonest politician’s bid for eternal political life. There is no question in the mind of any intelligent person that private ownership of firearms stabilizes society. The problem is stabilized societies don’t much care for dictators and elite ruling classes. What the liberals know, and fear most, is John Q’s ability to politely say, “No,” and have the power to back it up.
And so yet again the power hungry weigh in on disarming John Q, this time in the form of Illinois House Bill 4359. Introduced by State Representative Greg Harris, a 13th District Democrat, the bill calls for the revocation of any Illinois citizen’s FOID card and the seizure of his or her firearms if that person’s name appears on the FBI’s Terror Watch List. Harris refers to it by the left’s mantra, “a common sense gun law,” yet it is so deeply flawed on so many levels, there isn’t enough space to list them all. Certainly unconstitutional comes to mind.
No one knows the criteria used to put people on the list, and you’re not informed that you are on the list. You’ll find out when you’re checking in at the airline counter for your vacation with the kids to Disneyland. Oh, well, thank goodness the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services is on call 24 hours a day.
That there is no due process isn’t difficult to imagine since the left has no more regard for the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments than it does for the Second. Strict adherence to the Constitution and the rule of law is only observed when it protects a liberal sacred cow. When it slaughters the cow and chops it up into sirloin burgers, the Constitution is outdated and irrelevant because the Founding Fathers could never have anticipated the complexity of today’s society or the destructive power of modern firearms.
In 2007 the Justice Department reported that the FBI had over 700,000 names in a database and it was growing at the rate of 20,000 records a month. There are currently about one million names on the list. What are the chances your name is on the list? Well, if you’re white, Christian, an NRA member, prior military, support the Tea Party and are vocal about it, you’re a likely candidate because, after all, the Terror Watch list is maintained by the most corrupt and anti-American administration in history. What could possibly go wrong with that?