By Steve Balich 12/19/2015
James Marter is an example of what we need. The Republican establishment in Washington no longer speaks or represents the values, principals, and economic direction the American people want let alone what the more conservative party of Lincoln should represent. Less Government, taxes, and regulation coupled with following the Constitution as the law of the land is what made the U.S. great. Mark Kirk like most of the others we elect say one thing and do another. Their actions are pushing the people toward Trump.
We were told get the house back and we control the money, did anything change, and when we got the Senate nothing changed. We now have Paul Ryan as Speaker, and it seems like Harry Reid never left. There is no fight for the American people.Only a few who will stand up to the Obama, Republican, and Democrat machine that seeks to keep making personal gain at the expense of We The People.
1.1 Trillion dollar spending problem will eventually cause a default of the government. That’s on the backs of future generations
Immigration made our country great attracting people who assimilated speaking English, working hard, believing in the greatness of America, and followed the rules to come here. The Republican establishment funded Obama’s immigration policy of opening the borders as well as bringing in Syrian Refugees none of which intend on assimilating. Most of these people are getting welfare paid for by American Taxpayers who are experiencing big cuts in family net income due to taxes, healthcare, and increases in food, utilities, etc. To make it worse these immigrants and refugees include Radical Islamic Terrorists, MS-13 gang members, and your every day thugs that rape, steal, and kill. None of these will blend into our society.
I will close with the biggest joke of all that is not funny. Democrat view that climate change is the biggest issue in the world is based on doctored up data to show the fake readings nessary to come up with a lie to change the Temperature of the world by 1 degree but drain money from the American people.
We need new people in government that will represent Us.