Friends and patriots across America,
This is an urgent UPDATE to our recent Special Report.  Word just reached our desk regarding the following offensive abuse taking place at another school in Minnesota:
A school in Minnesota is at the center of controversy right now because the holiday concert included a song in Arabic which contained the phrase “Allahu Akbar.”
Because Christmas is all about Mohammad?


The lyrics read:
Ramadan has come and gone
Eid has dawned upon us
Thank You Allah for this blessed day.
It’s a time of brotherhood, a time of peace
Muslims are singing praises to Allah
Allahu Akbar
Allahu Akbar.
In a statement, the district said that they have students from many different backgrounds and cultures, and they promote equal opportunities for all students.  “Songs are not performed in a worship setting or to promote religion,” the district’s statement said. “but rather in [an] educational setting where students are learning and performing music.”
The Anoka-Hennepin School District with 38,183 students said they have received about a dozen complaints about the song. Some are from parents, some are from people not even affiliated with the school.

ONLY 12 complaints?  WHERE ARE THE REST OF THE PARENTS?………asleep, disengaged, not paying attention?
That’s how you lose your country to 7th century barbarians hell-bent on world domination via violence but also cultural jihad.  This is an example of CULTURAL JIHAD.  It’s not coming……IT’S HERE NOW.  Find out what’s happening in your community.  Speak up; say something; make a difference and put a stop to this brazen abuse in your local school district wherever you find it.
Wake up America, please.

Jim Komaniecki
President, INC.

America Cannot Remain Free Unless Her Citizens Are Governed by Virtue