How They’ll Take Your Guns Away

Handgun and American flag composite
The short answer is they won’t, precisely, but they will make owning your gun extremely expensive.
Today, in Virginia, the Attorney General of that state got rid of reciprocity. The state had an agreement with more than twenty other states that individuals from those states could come to Virginia with their guns so long as they complied with their home state’s laws. That will no longer work.
So if a law abiding gun owner with a concealed carry permit enters Virginia tomorrow, he can be arrested.
While the activist left is clamoring for the government to take away your guns, the law would require the federal government compensate you for the taking of property. With 300 million people and 300 million guns in the country, that would become a pretty major undertaking and there is no guarantee that the guns could all be grabbed.
Instead, what the individual states run by Democrats will do along with Barack Obama, is drive up the cost of ownership. They will whittle away at laws designed to protect gun manufacturers from frivolous lawsuits. They will tax bullets and use government purchasing to drive up the cost of bullets by limiting their demand through government purchases. They will increase your healthcare deductibles and require special insurance if you own a gun,
These things will come slowly, but they will come. They will start first in very liberal states and flow to the national government. In the next year, Barack Obama will grind down the institutional bureaucracy on approval issues. They will make it harder to obtain approvals and make it more expensive to buy guns. They’ll do it all by skirting congress and they will do it with the nodding approval of the media.
That is how they will take your guns away — by making the cost of owning them too onerous for the average, law abiding citizen.