Homer 33C teachers review Charlotte Danielson’s Framework for Teaching during a district-wide webinar on Jan 4. The district livestreamed the information to all six schools, saving time and money.
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Jan. 4, 2016
Homer 33C livestreams training session for teachers
Homer School District 33C teachers spent their last day of winter break honing their instructional skills with consultants from the DuPage Regional Office of Education.
The day-long training session was conducted via virtual classrooms, enabling teachers from all six Homer 33C schools to benefit from the same instruction simultaneously.
The delivery of material represents an innovative and cost-effective approach to staff development. Instead of paying for six training sessions (one at each school), Homer 33C can livestream the information and pay for a single training session.
“We are thrilled to expand our repertoire of innovative technology strategies, broadening the way we offer professional development,” said Superintendent Kara Coglianese. “We hope to continue exploring new ways to reach our staff and provide training to all employees.”
The webinar was conducted Jan. 4 by consultants Gayle Wahlin and Stephan Bild from the DuPage Regional Office of Education. They reviewed Charlotte Danielson’s Framework for Teaching, focusing on Domain 3: Instruction.
Teachers worked in small groups as Wahlin and Bild guided them through a series of exercises that highlighted such key concepts as communicating clearly and accurately, using questioning and discussion techniques, engaging students in learning, providing feedback to students and demonstrating flexibility and responsiveness.
“Effective questioning and discussion techniques lead to animated class discussions that engage all students in considering important issues and in using their own language to deepen and extend their understanding,” teachers were told. “Discussions may be based around questions formulated by the students themselves.”
The webinar was the second in a series of four to be offered this school year. Back in October, Wahlin and Bild began reviewing Danielson’s four domains, which are: Planning and Preparation; The Classroom Environment; Professional Responsibilities; and Instruction.
“As a district, our staff is focused on developing a shared understanding
of what exceptional instruction looks like in the classroom,” said Kathleen Robinson, Assistant Superintendent for Instruction. “Charlotte Danielson provides us with a research-based, conceptual framework from which we have launched our year-long professional development.”
The district’s next webinar is Feb. 9.