We must keep on respecting laws made by the disrespectful and Lawless. Pay Taxes and tribute to those who deserve Tar and feathers.Honor those who are dishonorable and dishonor our own Sons and Daughters who serve our once great nation.
     So turn in Your guns, Turn in Your car (Cash for Clunkers will give you U.S. Taxpayers money for this), get your Govt. subsidized ( Taxpayers Money) Chevy Volt (GM or Govt. Motors, bought with Taxpayers Money), Convert Your home to subsidized paradise with Solyndra (Taxpayers Money) Solar Power and get a huge Rebate (Taxpayers Money). And soon we will be able to send NASA (Taxpayers Money) to outreach to Muslim Countries like Iran so we can give them the Nuclear weapons they need to be Peaceful muslims and build nuclear weapons for peace. Obama is so smart…What could go wrong?
New idea…..Get all the Guns (Unregistered) that you can ( those who turned in grandpa’s WWI or WWII old guns laying around the house were extra Stupid). That way when the FBI, The NSA, the ATF, The CIA, The TSA, The BLM, The EPA, The OSHA, or any other Govt. Police forces (Paid for by Taxpayers) come to your neighbors door to round them up and or their guns, You can shoot them. If you don’t have a clean Unregistered with the Govt. Gun  here’s a tip… Lot’s of Nazi troops in heavy armor and uniforms were stopped by partisans with Molotov cocktails (Gasoline or kerosene in a glass bottle with a rag stuffed in it).
. I believe the Govt will be on the side of the Muslims when they really ratchet up the death to infidel stuff …2000 mosques built since 911, Govt funds (Taxpayers money)used to help fund that. But even if we replace OBOZO and his administration you still have the right to defend your self. We hold these truths to be self evident. That all men are created equal (No Bureaucrat, President, congressman, Judge etc. has more right than You!) And they are endowed (Given) by their creator (God) certain unalienable ( Can’t be taken away) rights. The right to Life, ( If you have a right to life you certainly have the right to defend that life) Liberty, ( your choices in life, for your life) and the pursuit of happiness ( to be uncontested in your desires for your self).
Bill of Rights
   Add to this the 2nd amendment which gives you the stated right to keep and bear arms, and you should see that as uncomfortable are the things I am saying, nevertheless they are true. we are living in a tyranny, financed by us for the purpose of others, who hate us and our way of life. But then, I am just Clinging to my God, guns, and religion.
David Molinari