American Security at Risk due to loss of everything traditionally American
By Steve Balich 1/7/2016
When looking at our National Security, there is much more involved than foreign policy problems that our weak liberal President isn’t attempting to solve in a manner positive to the United States which he perceives as the problem. He apologizes and gives in. His negotiating team gave our enemy Iran billions, and the ability to get the bomb with nothing in return. They burned our flag and cried out death to America in their annual Holiday Celebration of the American hostage taking under Jimmy Carter.

Don’t forget we negotiated to get back a traitor Bowe Bergdahl and left prisoners there in the current Iran deal. Remember Obama & Hillary’s Benghazi lies and emails. How about “Fast and Furious” when Obama gave guns that killed a border Patrol agent to the Mexican Cartel’s. There is so much more on foreign policy.

Let’s talk about the number one security issue “Illegal Immigration, and Refugees” which Obama and the Democrat party want to allow. Obama & Hilary see these people as a new voting block, and useful in bringing America into socialism. Working citizens see this as more welfare and a physical threat since we don’t know who is coming in. Radical Islamic Terrorist, MS-13 gang members, and drug cartel affiliates blend in with the group. These people bring with them disease costing citizens for their own medical care as well as well as the immigrant or refugee. These immigrants have no intention of assimilating into our culture which was the traditional way people entered our country. Citizens looking for work now have more competition, unions have more scabs, and American owned companies find it harder to compete for jobs.

Europe is being taken over without a war by Muslim Refugees. The European citizens are now the victims yet their leaders don’t seem to care.

Swedish people rebel against government forcing refugees on them. Government all over the world trying to take control of the people.

Obamacare is a tax, “the law that allows it is a tax”. This takes more spending power away from families, making it harder to make ends meet with declining incomes. Obamacare incentivizes companies to put employees on part time to avoid the tax and has huge deductibles. Health care costs have increased so much that companies won’t hire new people. People were lied to by Obama and Hilary when they said you can keep your doctor and the cost per family will drop $2500.
Think of funding a private group with your tax dollars to sell aborted baby parts. A moral outrage!!! The next question is where government thinks it is ok to use tax dollars to fund any private entity.

I would rather pick the charity I give to and take the write off on my taxes.
We give foreign countries who hate us foreign aid. Are we nuts! For every dollar we spend we borrow 46 cents. So we borrow money we can’t pay back to give to people that hate us in hope they may someday like us. Would you borrow $100 from the bank knowing you need to pay back $146 and give the $100 to your next door neighbor who is mad at you for something? That is a good description of the debt ceiling. We borrow money to spend more on expanding government at a future cost to generations to come. Spending is out of control on wants not needs.

Political correctness is causing a security risk also. When today’s college age young adults say word hurt and they need safe zones from hurtful speech there is a huge problem.

When a transgender man is allowed to use high school female locker rooms and bathrooms, we are shredding morality. When slandering Christians is good, but saying anything against Muslims is taboo we are breaking down our traditional cultural values. When society accepts abortion and euthanasia as the norm the value of life is taken down the path where life and death loose importance. When young people have no hope because of all these societal problems, drugs seem to be a good escape mechanism. “Murder, rape, stealing” the direction of a society with no principals, no clear right or wrong, no God and only self- gratification.
We won’t ever get back the traditional values and culture of the 1950’s but the farther away we go into the debts of Political Correctness the more the security of our Nation will fade into the abyss created by this false philosophy. Obama said he will transform America and he has been successful. In 7 years he has come very close to destroying American culture, making us morally, spiritually, and economically bankrupt. Candidates from the Democrat Party for President are socialist. Establishment Republicans do nothing and say a lot.
The media and establishment Republicans condemn Trump and Cruz because they will most likely stand against anything that hurts the security of the United States. ( Paul Ryan called the Omibus Bill a “Crap Sandwich” yet pushed its passage. Remember the Establishment Republicans with the Democrats passed this crap sandwich.

So in defining national security we need to look at every issue, every relationship, and every penny we spend. To fix it; we need to put America first and our Citizens first. We need to re- establish American traditions, institutions, make assimilation a must with immigration, reduce the size, cost, and scope of government, and most importantly re-connect to “Faith” in God and Country.
Steve Balich