Last Night, as Iraqi Refugees Who Passed Background Checks Were Being Arrested for Terrorism, Obama Demanded Gun Control

By  |  January 8, 2016, 05:30am
What an interesting juxtaposition. In New Hampshire last night, Barack Obama told a rape victim that her gun did not necessarily make her safe. Yes, the President lectured a rape victim on the steps she had taken to keep herself safe. He wants expanded background checks and other efforts to curtail gun usage. While Barack Obama’s gun control townhall was going on, two Iraqi refugees who had already passed background checks to get into this country were being arrested for terrorist activity.
Press reports have been somewhat spotty, but it appears the Iraqi refugees, who had gone through the relocation program complete with a background check, were trying to build bombs of some kind. These two were, thankfully, caught. But let’s not kid ourselves and think they are the only two. One was in Houston and the other in Sacramento.
In other words, Barack Obama thinks background checks are a solution to gun crime while Iraqi terrorists masquerading as refugees are using background checks to infiltrate our country.
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton noted in a statement that perhaps the President would rethink his insistence on placing refugees in this country.
You’d think the President would want us to be able to defend ourselves, but he’d rather we did not.