1/9/2016 from Rockford Teaparty

The gun is increasingly becoming a symbol of power amongst a people that have been rendered powerless by the most corrupt government in American history. Whereas the gun was never meant to represent power, but to represent the protection of freedom, and the ability to defend life liberty and property from the tyranny of government and brigand equally. We all have fallen far. Our guns are not our power. Our guns are tools used to secure freedom, life, liberty and property.
Our most recent round of gun talk nationwide has brought about one of the most vigorous conversations in recent memory perhaps even more vigorous than after mass shooting events like Sandy Hook the movie theaters. It is possible that this round of vigorous debate is related not to the content of the discussion but to the methods Barack Obama has chosen to deal with the issue. The Executive order. Its a powerless tool to effect law but an effective means of ginning up furor for the purpose of division.
So we end up with a debate about the 2nd Amendment. Its a debate long ago settled except in the minds of the left wing, democrats and progressives who will do whatever they can to chip away at the wisdom of the Constitutional protection of an inherent right to self defense.
We end up with a debate where the original issues are lost and it devolves into a debate often angry over whether or not Democrats, Progressives and the President or his potential successor Hillary Clinton want to “take our guns.” They will never fully get our guns but as is evidenced in 2013 they tried to ban a whole list of common firearms that many Americans currently have locked away in their guns safes. Banning those already owned weapons would have made criminals out of millions of Americans who would have had to surrender their firearms or face jail under the proposals Obama had sent to Congress.
Obama is no angel in this, though he wants to act like one, with smooth soothing talks with tears and emotions. The insidious nature of what he really wanted to do lost in our heartfelt desires to never let another family experience the pain of loss and the grief of losing a family member to gun violence.  But please consider these statistics which tell a story that doesn’t always account for the loss but can depoliticize it to a small degree and put the discussion into a better light.

President Obama admitted last night in the Gun Town Hall on CNN with Anderson Cooper that 2/3 of all gun deaths yearly are from suicide.  However he also made the unfounded and unsupportable claim that gang-bangers on the streets of Chicago are going to Indiana and buying their guns at gun shows and loading up vans to bring them back to the streets to sell them.
Not only should laws not be based upon such baseless accusations but as the POTUS he should have a grasp on the reality that guns are mostly imported from overseas black market manufactures and sold in American cities on their black markets as is proven in the NatGeo video at this link which will also air tomorrow night at 10pm White House time on NatGeo. Please click this link to watch this two minute trailer about where gangs get their guns.

People are not going from Chicago to Indiana gun shows to buy guns and resell them on the Chicago streets. Gang-bangers are passing the guns they have around. Others are buying stolen guns. How many guns from the federal government’s (Eric Holder’s) Fast and Furious Scandal have ended up on our streets? Guns are coming up from the drug cartels. They get the guns illegally in Mexico. Imported from various international origins like the Ghost Guns. A great irony is that Obama himself and Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State signed off on sending guns to Syrian Al Qeada Radicals to overthrow the Syrian government. Those guns ended up in the hands of ISIS. He wants to limit our ownership while providing guns to radical killers overseas. Its enough.
Obama is bringing 10’s of 1000’s of Military Aged men from the Middle East into the USA and not one of them is going to have a background check to see where they are really from and who their actual associations really are. Background checks are fine. We do them now in Illinois, but the greater goal of the Democrats and Progressives no matter which one is in office is to turn us into a European Gun Free Nation.
Build a wall and settle Illegal Immigration and close the borders. Along with Illegal Foreign Nationals and human trafficking we also get a smorgasbord of drugs and Ghost Guns from south of the border. A border wall will do more to stem the flow of illegal guns on the streets than all of Obama’s executive orders or regressive left wing liberal laws.
American Hero Chris Kyle’s wife Taya Kyle summed the argument up rather well in the town hall. She said she has the same hope Obama has that no more innocent people would die from gun violence, but that none of the Executive Actions that Obama was proposing would do anything to stop criminals from obtaining guns. Criminals will not obey the laws to get background checks. Soon the left will propose a law that makes it illegal to disobey the law. Surely criminals will obey that law.



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