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Young DI: Young School Principal Michael Szopinski facilitates a meeting with teachers, asking them to create lesson plans that provide students with options and choices regarding how they are going to learn and how they are going to show their learning.

For Immediate Release:
Jan. 13, 2016
Early dismissal gives teachers time to design lessons tailored to individual needs
Every child learns differently. Some absorb information verbally; others may need to read it aloud or discuss it in small groups.

Hadley DI: Hadley fifth-grade teachers discuss differentiated instruction and how they can tailor their lesson plans to meet the individual needs of students.
A good teacher will anticipate and respond to a variety of student needs, modifying the content of what they’re teaching as well as the delivery process.
In Homer School District 33C, teachers meet regularly to design lessons and units of instruction that include multiple options for taking in information. The method is called Differentiated Instruction (DI).

Homer DI: Math teachers at Homer Junior High School share ideas for differentiated instruction.
On Tuesday (Jan. 12), when students were dismissed an hour early for Teacher Articulation, teachers met with their building’s principal and differentiated instruction facilitator to plan lessons for the upcoming weeks.
“Differentiation is essential to meeting the needs of our Homer 33C learners,” said Kathleen Robinson, Assistant Superintendent for Instruction in Homer 33C.
“It allows us to provide equivalent learning activities that cater to the students’ strengths while ensuring all students meet the same learning objectives,” she added.

Schilling DI: Schilling School kindergarten teachers plan units of instruction using differentiated instruction
Teachers will continue to meet once a month throughout the school year to design units of instruction using differentiated instruction. Future meeting dates are: Feb. 9, March 15, April 19 and May 24.