Editor Note:   North West Homer Fire District is North of 151st between Will Cook and Archer. They are doing exactly what is asked for by the Homer Township Property Tax Referendum that is on the March 15th ballot, by putting the question to the people. I called Chief Fonfara for more information. Chief said the money was to be used to repair or replace Equipment that is in some cases over 30 years old, as well as building repairs. The Chief explained in detail the need. When I asked about labor costs, Chief explained that they have 8 Full time Union employees and also use part time and contract employees to keep cost down. Chief also said people are often confused by the fact that there are to separate taxing Fire Districts in Homer Township, N.W. Homer Fire District and Homer TWP. Fire District.  Homer TWP. covers North of 151st. The Property tax for Homer TWP. Fire District cost taxpayers way more than that of North West Homer Fire District. North West Homer Fire District has nothing to do with the voluntary Vehicle Sticker mailed out by Homer TWP. Fire Union. Most homes will pay between $60 and $90 increase for 4 years to the N.W Homer Fire district. Taxpayers need to weigh if they can afford the temporary increase for the 4 years to the value of the District needs. What makes this decision tough, is the cost of living in Homer is increasing while disposable income is dropping.On the other side, when you call the Fire Department you expect them to respond and take care of the problem.
Press Release
Looks to Enhance Services and Safety for the Community
On Election Day, March 15, the Fire District will ask the residents for a 9-cent temporary increase in their Fire Service Fees. This reflects about $30.00 a year for a $100,000 home for the next four (4) years.  Northwest Homer Fire District has been operating with one of the lowest rates in Will County for many years. The fiscal management team has been able to hold costs down. Now with the aging stations and vehicles the District calls on the community for help in keeping Northwest Homer Fire District prepared for the future.
Over the years, we continue to be fiscally responsible by maximizing additional revenue sources by applying for local, state and federal grants, ambulance billing and building/plan review fees. These revenue avenues are diminishing while the District is in need of more funds to maintain their superior service levels to the community.  Real estate taxes represent about 85% of all funding.
The last referendum received for the Northwest Homer Fire District was in 1980, which was 35 years ago.
If you have questions, you can contact
Chief Ken Vrba (kvrba@nwhomer.org),
Deputy Chief Todd Fonfara (tfonfara@nwhomer.org).
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