Summary of Homer District 33C School Board Meeting January 26, 2016

Veterans Day 2015 Hadley school
The Board of Education recognized the 7th grade girls basketball team for earning 4th place at State. It was the first time a girls basketball team from Homer received a medal in the State tournament.
Superintendent Kara Coglianese recognized Homer Junior High Industrial Arts teacher Phil Ackland for receiving a $5,000 grant from the Dart Foundation to purchase a 3-D printer, CNC machine and pneumatics/hydraulics unit for the junior high’s Industrial Technology program.
Superintendent Kara Coglianese recognized students and staff at Butler
School for promoting local and global connections by collecting school supplies for teachers and less fortunate students at nearby Taft School.
Superintendent Kara Coglianese recognized Big R for its community support by extending a discount to teachers and staff who purchased clothing and other items for families in need this past holiday season. The discount enabled them to purchase more items than anticipated.
Superintendent Kara Coglianese announced Homer 33C was awarded a FY2016 School District Library grant in the amount of $2,189.54 by the Office of the Secretary of State. The grant will be used to purchase books for the school libraries.
Board Vice President Angela Adolf presented an update on the recent Finance and Operations Committee meeting, which discussed:

  • The district’s food service program and the possibility of serving healthier items
  • The formation of a committee to examine extracurricular activities, ensuring all students are treated equitably and activities relate to the Future Ready initiative
  • The district’s Cash Flow and Fund Balances and how much cash we should have on hand to meet financial obligations at low points in the tax cycle.

Superintendent Kara Coglianese recognized the district’s partnership with emergency personnel, including the Will County Sheriff’s Department, the Lock- port Police Department, the Northwest Fire Protection District, the Homer Town- ship Fire Protection District and the Lockport Township Fire Protection District. The departments not only serve as community advisors to the district but work with our students and staff to promote safety. Examples include:

  • Reminders to change batteries in smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Classroom visits through an Adopt-a-Firefighter program
  • Basic Aid Training (BAT) for junior high students
  • A babysitter training program for junior high students
  • CPR classes
  • Smokehouse demonstrations
  • Career discussions

Superintendent Kara Coglianese announced a partnership with the Village of Homer Glen and Olivet Nazarene University to bring an institute of higher learning to our community. Olivet is opening a satellite campus at Young School and will offer education and business programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Classes will be held in the evenings. Homer 33C employees (as well as Village of Homer Glen employees) will enjoy a 20 percent discount on tuition. Those pursuing their doctorate will receive a 10 percent discount. Pro- gram offerings include:

  • Master of Arts in Education: Reading Specialist
  • Master of Arts in Education: Curriculum and Instruction
  • Teacher Leader Endorsement
  • English as a Second Language Endorsement
  • Middle School Endorsement
  • Master of Arts in Education: Library Information Specialist

For more information, visit the district website and click on the “Employee Page” tab on the left side of the screen. There, you will find a link to the Olivet Nazarene University informational flyer.
Union representative Terri Pellizzari introduced the district’s fourth-grade teachers. Teacher Ellen Buckley spoke on behalf of the group and shared how teachers have created a virtual learning environment with the social studies curriculum.
Mrs. Kathleen Robinson, Assistant Superintendent for Instruction, presented an informational report on School Report Cards, School Improvement plans and PARCC. Results show:

  • 50 percent of Homer 33C students are proficient or meeting state standards in English Language Art The state average is 38 percent.
  • 45 percent of Homer 33C students are proficient or meeting state standards in Math. The state average is 28 perce

Parents received information about the PARCC exam results with their child’s report card on January 25th.
The Board of Education approved a Benefits Coordinator job description. The position will:

  • Assist in meeting the demands of the Affordable Care Act and ensure the district is compliant
  • Manage district insurances (i.e. Medicaid, Cobra, e)
  • Promote a higher level of service to employees
  • Assist with collective bargaining
  • Analyze insurance packages and costs

The position will replace the recently vacated Wellness Coordinator position.

Special School Board meeting slated for Feb. 11, 2016 at 7:30 p.m.