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Jan. 28, 2016
Homer 33C receives Dart Foundation grant
Thanks to a Homer 33C parent and the Dart Foundation, Homer Junior High School is able to update its industrial technology curriculum to include more STEM-integrated learning opportunities.

The Foundation recently notified the district that Homer Junior High had been selected to receive $5,000 grant.
“A big `thank you’ to the Dart Foundation and the Scholl family,” said industrial arts teacher Phil Ackland who shared the good news with the Board of Education on Jan. 26.
He credited the family for alerting him to the Dart Foundation opportunity and serving as an advocate for the district.
Homer Junior High received the good news in late December.
With the $5,000 grant, teachers and administrators plan to purchase a 3D printer, CNC machine and equipment for a pneumatic/hydraulics unit for the school’s industrial technology program.
The equipment will foster problem-solving and critical-thinking skills, said Ackland, by having students create prototypes after identifying a problem, exploring their options and designing a solution.
Past designs have included lighted key chains, earbud holders, phone charging stands and clip-on book lights.

“It’s a great learning experience,” said Ackland.
“We’re addressing what’s been called `America’s persistent problem’ — not having enough skilled workers,” added Homer Junior High Principal Troy Mitchell.
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