By Tedd Neitzke 1/29/2016 Concerned Citizen
taxpayer sign
The Democrats sent you a budget for 36 billion dollars, 4 billion dollars more than Illinois will take in.  I say to you, “Sign It!”  That is step one.  Step two would be to layoff 4 billion dollars worth of state workers to make up the deficit.  It is obvious to me as a tax payer of Illinois, that the elected democrats and public sector employees do not want to do anything to fix the debt crises in Illinois.  Layoff every branch, every part of the Illinois work force, that includes police, professor’s in colleges etc.  Every sector!  They want it all! They don’t care about the private sector tax payers and the people who really need the states help and money.  When I see special needs programs for children closed, people with disabilities losing their state aid, nursing homes for the elderly not getting paid and the list just goes on. These are the people I want my tax dollars to go to, not to these corrupt politicians creating more state political jobs that over pay these people with big salaries and benefits.  They are doing this with taxpayer money we do not have.  Here lies the real problem for the states money crisis. Not one politician will address it.  Instead, they will cut from people who really need state aid and our help.  School funds will probably be cut adding more tax burden onto the tax payers in their local school districts.
What you will be hearing next from the democrats of Illinois that people will loose their jobs if we layoff all these people.  My answer to that is, I didn’t know that once these people are hired by the state that is becomes the responsibility of the tax payer to pay for these people until the day they die.  On top of a good salary, they get a great pension after 20 years on the job and then on top of that, when they retire after 20 years we the tax payers get to pay for their health and welfare until the day they die.  You do not get that in the private sector unless you are a CEO of some big corporation.  This is the real reason the state is broke!  Governor Rauner, Madigan and his lackey’s are trying to make you look like a clown.  It is time to show some teeth and not a big red nose that the democrats say you have.  It is time to get the ax out and start chopping 4 billion dollars in state jobs.
Just take a good look at the country of Greece.  We are no better than them and sinking fast.  A real man will do what need’s to be done and not look back, that is called forward thinking.  If our military always looked back we would all be speaking German or Japenese.  It’ time to be the man I think you are and make the cuts to the public sector that need to be made and fix the real problem.  The state of Illinois is in a depression so we can’t have people on a payroll we can’t afford.  Governor, you have to do what the private sector does to keep a float and that means cutback and layoff.
One more issue is that the public unions are to blame for the pension problems in Illinois.  They let this happen.  If they had it in their contract for the state to pay for part or all of their pensions and the state did not honor that part of the contract, union officials have so many day’s or time to file a claim or grievance against the state to make things right or lose the grievance on time limits in which the state of Illinois does not owe anything to the pension plans.  If this has gone on for a long time and the union’s did not follow up with in the time limits, the union is to blame for any loses to the pension plans.  Hopefully the state would still make good on those payment’s when possible. So public sector union employees quit blaming the state and blame the union official’s you voted for and put into office for not doing their jobs.
Thank you,
Ted Neitzke