We give about 1% of our budget in foreign aid mostly to countries that hate us. We borrow 47 cents  for each dollar we spend plus interest. This means our cost for Foreign aid is over 40 Billion dollars plus interest. The Population of the United States is about 322 Million. This means each person could get $124,326 if the money was given to our own population. This does not include military aid, humanity aid, food aid, and aid sent from private individuals and groups.

Our economy is in the dumps, we have the working poor, very poor, and the homeless. The cost of healthcare is continually rising, and their is no end in sight for increased taxes on local levels and some States like Illinois that are in serious decline.

I can’t see the logic in borrowing money to give away in the first place. No person in their right mind would borrow with the purpose of giving it away. Imagine if every citizen received $60,000 from the government tax free.
The point is that money spent on our own people is most important, but only a failed government would even think of borrowing money to give it away.

Wake up America