Editors Note:  Is then Concept of Killing American citizens by a death of 1000 cuts the end goal. The Democrats are bringing in illegals, giving them cash,food, and housing with better free medical plans than most Americans. These people are mostly young men who take our jobs which are scarce, mixed in with terrorists who will do us harm, and making it worse they have no intention of assimilating into our society.
We give about 1% of our budget in foreign aid mostly to countries that hate us. We borrow 47 cents  for each dollar we spend plus interest. This means our cost for Foreign aid is over 40 Billion dollars plus interest. The Population of the United States is about 322 Million. This means each person could get $124,326 if the money was given to our own population.
Add in the money for free benefits to illegal and the dollars become staggering. We don’t have to be isolationist but we sure should not be the worlds sucker. Germany was until recently the strongest country in Europe. Their leaders like ours sold them out.

Image: Senate Democrats Introduce Bill to Provide Free Lawyers to Illegals
Image: Senate Democrats Introduce Bill to Provide Free Lawyers to Illegals (Wire Services Photo)
By Todd Beamon | Friday, 12 Feb 2016 05:18 PM
Led by Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, Democrats have introduced legislation to provide lawyers paid for by the government to illegal immigrant children and mothers to help them navigate the complex legal system since crossing the U.S. border from Central America in recent years.
“Deportation means death for some of these people,” the Nevada senator told The Washington Times after the bill was introduced on Thursday. “Given the life-and-death consequences of deportation to this region, we must ensure that we are not putting asylum-seeking women and children in harm’s way.
“We can do this by making sure that these desperate women and children have a lawyer.”
Democrats included the lawyers with other protections proposed for illegals, among them allowing aliens to delay deportation proceedings until they gain access to their full government file, the Times reports.
Illegals can hire their own attorneys, but the government does not pay for them.
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