LIBERTY REPORT:  Demographic Winter in America


Friends and patriots across America,

Welcome to the latest edition of our Liberty Report.

Right now we’re in the middle of winter.  But the real season is a cultural one; we’re speaking about demographic winter.  While aging American baby-boomers attempt to retire in a centrally planned declining economy, Muslim invaders are plotting their strategy to increase their numbers and gain political power in our country.   article  which addresses this point. It’s a strategy of attrition, made possible because Americans are committing national suicide.

Since Roe vs. Wade was decided in 1973, stupid Americans embraced a new-found “right” to abortion, savagely killing nearly 60 MILLION future taxpayers since the Supreme Court legalized the barbaric practice.  Americans never looked down the road to see the tragic national consequences nearly five decades years later.  Today our birthrate is at 1.6 children per woman, below replacement rate, while Muslims are out-reproducing Americans at a rate of 3.1 children per woman.  During the Golden Age of America in the 1950’s, our reproduction rate was 3.5 children per woman.  How far the mighty have fallen.  In the coming years, America will be faced with a massive imbalance between the infirm elderly and a relatively smaller proportion of younger people who are descendants of the natives.  Muslims will become a much higher demographic percentage of American culture — and they have much larger families.
What might the benchmark of these changes be?    Beware the change winds are howling outside, even at our door.

Jim Komaniecki
President, INC.