by | Feb 15, 2016  The Black Sphere

Political Corectness

There is a saying by black Liberals that blacks can’t be racist. The idea is centered around the notion that if you are powerless, you can only respond to your oppressors, which is not racism, but defense.

Perhaps that’s true, if indeed black people were powerless. To believe this idiocy, one would have to believe oneself to be a victim.

Of course, victimhood is what Liberals preaches, teaches, and enforces, so there is no wonder America is full of idiots who believe this nonsense.

The fact is that today, white people are far more oppressed than blacks, and it is generally at the hands of blacks. Most have been trained to ignore the stories, and the media and Leftist white enablers are all too willing to do the same or look the other way, when they see the oppression of non-blacks by blacks.

Check out how this black welfare queen treats a man simply shopping while white. Starts heating up about 3 min. in

The following video is not from the article and has very bad language. I rarely put up a video like this but it seemed to follow the article, so excuse the offensive language.

Idiots like this act out in ways that are unbelievably destructive, and are the REAL reason America suffers as these moron continue to blame their problems on whites, while ignoring their own behavior, as well as the REAL racists: the Democrats.

I get lots of hate messages from blacks who can’t stand it when I expose this type of behavior, but truth is truth. But you can bet there are far too many blacks who will watch this video and cheer this woman on, as the white man only wanted to get some groceries.

Imagine if the scenario had escalated, where she attacked him?

It should be noted that the guy filming was black, and he was smart enough to recognize that the black woman was noticeably “set off” by the presence of that white man. Yes America, black Liberals are the worst racist in this country, and it’s time America recognize it, and stop making excuses for it.