Tim Kraulidis and Yvonne Bolton are two of three candidates running for Will County Board 13 in the Republican primary (voters will be asked to vote for two candidates).
In an election year where insurgents are being recognized for their dedication to principled stands on responsible government, these are the two to keep any eye on.  Both have a history advocating for less taxes, smaller government, and more accountability to the taxpayer.
Both candidates have worked in grassroots organizations prior to being involved in the political arena. Their passion for less taxes, and more accountability is a message that they both have carried with them into their political positions. With this year’s frustration with the stereotypical establishment candidates on both sides of the isle, these two should be a breadth of fresh air for the voters in the 13th District.
Mr. Kraulidis is a Republican Committeeman in the 32nd Precinct and the Plainfield Township Republican Chairman. Over the years, he has been a frequent guest on radio programs promoting the principles of responsible government with the message of lower taxes, less bureaucracy, and more responsibility to the taxpayer. Although, he was the highest vote getter in the Republican primary in 2012, he fall short in the Obama General Election sweep in Will County.
Mrs. Bolton a Committeewoman in the 23rd Precinct, Plainfield Township Tax Collector, and former Republican candidate for the Illinois State Assembly in the 98th legislative district.  She is also the Vice Chairman of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly of Will County, where she works aggressively to promote GOP principles in the Latino communities. The Illinois Primary election will be March 15.
John Smith
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