Vote YES to Remove Grover Norquist From NRA Board
By Jonathan Updated 02/19/2016 | 10:47 AM EST

Comments Glenn is urging all NRA members to vote “YES” to recall Grover Norquist from the NRA board of directors. This is a chance for responsible gun owners to make an immediate impact. Grover Norquist, founder and president of Americans for Tax Reform and co-founder of the Islamic Free Market Institute, came under the spotlight thanks in part to Glenn raising concerns Norquist’s associations with known radical Islamists. Mr. Norquist “voluntarily” suspended himself from the NRA board In April of 2015. Norquist’s longtime history with and connections to Islamic radicals spurred members of the NRA to submit a petition to recall and remove him from the NRA board. Voting is open to all NRA members and ballots will be arriving in the mail. NRA Members have until May 1, 2016 to submit their votes. In March of 2015, Glenn had a on-air, hour-long interview with Mr. Norquist and came to the following conclusion: Norquist was lying.
“That guy is very dangerous and needs to be removed from the NRA,” Glenn said on radio Friday. “So when you get your ballot, if you’re an NRA member, make sure you vote ‘YES’ on the recall of Grover Norquist from the board. Yes, you want him removed from the board of directors from the NRA. Enough infiltration.” Glenn went on to say while he loves Norquist’s flat tax ideas, his connections to dangerous people on the Islamist side is frightening. “It needs to end,” Glenn said.
Here are details from the petition: THE RECALL PETITION AND MR. WEBER’S PRESENTATION The Petition asserts that Mr. Norquist’s presence on the NRA Board of Directors (the ”NRA Board”) has “become a confusing distraction to the NRA’s mission” of defending the Second Amendment. Mr. Weber (the Petitioner) believes that Mr. Norquist’s “statements and known associations” with radical Islamists and Muslims, as claimed in a book called “Agent of Influence,” have caused serious disruption in the NRA. As a result, Mr. Weber asks that Mr. Norquist be removed from the NRA Board. “Agent of Influence” presents information concerning Islam ‘s threat to the security of the United States and says that certain “associates” of Mr. Norquist were involved. These charges include: • Mr. Norquist’s alleged role in a purported seditious meeting at his offices in Washington, D.C. on September 11, 2001, after the attacks; • A $ 10,000 contribution from Abdul Rahman Al-Amoudi to a group that Mr. Norquist helped start — the Islamic Free Market Institute (IFMI); • Mr. Norquist’s outreach to Muslim American voters during the 2000 Bush Presidential Campaign; and, • Mr. Norquist’s opposition to the use of secret evidence in the trials of suspected Muslim terrorists. GROVER NORQUIST’S RESPONSE TO THE REMOVAL PETITION Mr. Norquist testified under oath for most of the hearing methodically rebutting multiple charges made in “Agent of Influence.” He firmly stated that he was a loyal American who has never been, and would never be, involved in activities harmful to the United States and has been a loyal member of the NRA and the NRA Board, who has engaged in significant efforts in support of the Second Amendment. He firmly defended saying that he had no real ties to the Muslim “bad actors” cited by the Petitioner and that those Muslims he did have ties to were not “bad actors.” With respect to the key charges: • 9/11/01 Allegations: Mr. Norquist testified he was in San Diego the night before, making a speech, took a red eye flight back to BWI (Baltimore) airport, and never went to his Washington, D.C. office on 9/11. He was supported by written statements from a number of his employees who were in the office that day. • Mr. Norquist stated that IFMI was a legitimate business policy organization with no ties to terrorism, that he did not solicit the money, and that Mr. Al-Amoudi had no role or influence at IFMI whatsoever. • Mr. Norquist testified that his 2000 election Muslim voter turnout efforts were critical to President Bush’s victory and unrelated to any terrorist activities. • Mr. Norquist pointed out that his opposition to the use of secret evidence was legitimate and shared by numerous loyal and well-respected Americans. Again, NRA members have until May 1, 2016 to submit their votes. Featured Image: Grover Norquist, founder and president of Americans for Tax Reform, participates in a session on ‘Strategic Communication’ at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) at National Harbor, Maryland, outside Washington, on February 26, 2015. (Photo credit: NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images)