Wow: People Instantly Noticed What Obama Did At Scalia’s Wake – It Speaks VOLUMES

…the brevity of the whole affair has led to questions…

In a move that many believe is disrespectful and unprecedented, President Obama did not attend the funeral of conservative Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, making him the only president in U.S. history to miss the funeral of a sitting supreme court justice.
Instead of attending the funeral, the president and first lady opted to attend Scalia’s wake, stopping by the casket for approximately two minutes before leaving early. While Obama did pay his respects, the brevity of the whole affair has led to questions of Obama’s sincerity.
Furthermore, it has been noted that Obama made great efforts to attend certain funerals, while specifically dodging those of conservative heroes. In addition to Obama missing the funeral of Justice Scalia, he also missed the funerals of Margaret Thatcher and Chris Kyle.
For comparison, Obama has attended several other high-profile funerals, during which he gave lengthy speeches and eulogies. In 2013, Obama traveled to South Africa and delivered a 19-minute speech at the funeral of Nelson Mandela.
In the wake of the Charleston shooting in 2015, he delivered a 37-minute long eulogy for Rev. Clementa Pickney, a man he never even met.
In 2010, he even delivered an 11-minute eulogy for Democratic senator and former Klan member Robert Byrd.
While it’s true that President Obama and Justice Scalia were diametrically opposed in terms of their political ideology, it seems proper decorum would dictate that the president should attend the funeral of one of the country’s highest ranking officials, regardless of political rivalry.
Furthermore, as a president who claims to desire unity and an end to partisan politics, this move will likely not sit well amongst conservatives who idolized the late justice.
While Scalia and Obama did not see eye to eye on the issues, there is no doubt Scalia had a profound impact on the country and on the conservative ideology. For this reason, it seems Obama should have been there.